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Everything But The Kitchen Sink is a PR friendly blog. I myself work in PR, so I really enjoy working with brands on a collaborative basis and understand how the industry functions. If you have a new product, idea or campaign in mind, which you think will suit my blog, please contact me on the below:

Twitter: @RhiannonBlog
Instagram: @RhiannonBlog

I will answer all queries within 24 hours.

I can also send blog stats and timescales, which both parties can fit around. Any reviews that I write with products gifted shall be marked with an asterix * and all reviews and opinions will be my own and 100% honest.

Why work with Everything But The Kitchen Sink?
Although my following many be small in comparison, my readers are very loyal and I feel my writing relates and translates to many different people. I really enjoy working with brands and companies to create interesting and relatable content which benefits both parties.

I've worked with small to big brands and am open to any kind of collaboration, so please do get in contact!

Previous brands I have worked with:
Korres, Part One and Part Two
Models Own

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