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So I guess if you clicked on this page, you fancy knowing a bit more about me? Talking about myself is pretty hard for me, but I'll give it a go! I started this blog way back in 2012, not really knowing what I'm doing but enjoyed writing my thoughts and musings all the same. Then I discovered the blogging community on social media in 2014 and it all started from there really.

Why Everything But The Kitchen Sink?
To my 16 year old self, I was as unimaginative as you could be. I didn't want to box myself into a particular niche and I had no cute nickname to use (unless you call Rhian-orangutan or Phunt a cute nickname for a blog!) so Everything But The Kitchen Sink seemed the perfect fit, even if is it fairly long. 

Why do I blog?
I've always kept diaries and written stories throughout my childhood and finally took those thoughts to the interest. My passion for English and writing took me to study journalism in Brighton and having a blog worked as an online portfolio for my education and jobs. Now it's a part-time hobby I divulge in during my spare time, sharing my latest outfits, what new beauty products I love and adding my opinion to talked about topics. 

What do I do besides blogging?
Before I started my blog, I have no idea where my time actually went. But during the week I work in Digital Marketing and PR, basically my dream job of working and designing websites, crafting social media campaigns and working with my favourite bloggers. If I'm not glued to my laptop, tablet or phone reading blogs and scrolling through social media, I'll have my nose in a magazine or book, baking, discovering new experiences and spending time with my family and friends. Although not all at the same time...

Anything you want to ask me just send me a tweet, comment or an email to rhiannonpulling@gmail.com, I'm more than happy to have a chat with you :)

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