Wednesday, 29 April 2020

How I'm Keeping Myself Busy In Lockdown

Like the situation we've all been in for the past few weeks, lockdown is a tough one to manage mentally and physcially. I'm lucky enough that I've been working from home and live in an area which has a lot of walking routes and open spaces. But that doesn't mean that it's all been an easy ride.

Here's a few things that have been keeping me busy (and sane) during lockdown:

1. Work. I've been lucky enough to be able to work from home, so by having that structure and 'normal' routine the days go quickly by and are easier for me to manage. It'll be week 7 working from home this week for me!

2. Daily Walks. It's strange how much of a highlight these really have become in my schedule, but they're actually really enjoyable. I've been walking with my parents every day after work (a great way to get me to shut off from work!) and doing longer routes at the weekend. Needless to say my fitness levels are definitely on the up.

3. My To-Be-Read Pile. Now with my longer evenings and weekends stretched out ahead of me, it's a great opportunity to catch up. I've been splitting my reading between classics and chit lit to balance it out. I have a Goodreads Challenge of 20 books, I'm at 11 right now so I'm pretty confident I'll reach my goal soon.

4. Netflix and TV. I'm sure this is an essential for so many people during lockdown! I'll be honest, all I've really been watching is Gilmore Girls and I'm obsessed. I've also watched The Stranger and The Nest, I love how popular British TV crime dramas are.

5. Selfcare. I've had a many a pampering session, including painting my own gel nails. I used to do this a lot before lockdown anyway, but it's been nice to dust off a few of my favourite shades again. My skin has improved massively since I haven't worn makeup in weeks and really taken care of my skin.

6. Puzzles. Again not a new hobby, but with more time means more puzzles for me to do! I've been doing a mixture of 500 and 1000 pieces, all different shapes and sizes. They're so satisfying to finish. We've started a book and puzzle swap outside our house, so there's plenty for me to try.

7. Family and Friends. There's been many a FaceTime, quiz and phone calls between family and friends, I actually feel like I've been spending more time checking in with everyone than I would normally! Out of this lockdown, I'll definitely be taking away how important family and friends are to me.

8. Baking. I've always been a baker and now with more time, I've been baking even more. Sweet treats like brownies, millionaire shortbread and cookies will be gracing this blog very soon.

I hope you've all been keeping busy during lockdown too!

Rhiannon x

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