Thursday, 3 May 2018

When Did We All Become So Busy?

Something I've been noticing these past few months is that everyone is so busy. You can ask someone how they are and they'd probably answer with 'fine, busy as usual.' - and that's the common response. The culture we're in now thrives on being busy all the time and having a diary full to the brim, being busy is the new cool.

We talk about building a good work and life balance, but the 9-5 working hours have gradually expanded into our own free time as time has gone on and we've not even noticed it, it's crept up on us. I find if I'm not connected to my work, checking my emails or our social media accounts that I'm missing out on something!

When I think about our busy culture and how it's completely taking over, I wonder if it's because we're not satisfied with what we have. We're taught to always strive for more and keep on going until we're happy. Keeping up with technology, fashion and beauty trends is exhausting in itself, it's no wonder why we're all feeling the stress.

We've seen a rise in digital detoxes, retreats and the hygge trend is something we all took on board when it became popular. I think these indicate a serious need to evaluate our busy-ness and what we can do to turn around our busy culture and not just go for a quick fix. Mental health, having breakdowns over work, school or college and a rise in anxiety is no doubt linked to our busy lives. I'm fed up of saying I'm busy and stressed, it's actually been called the 'busy-bragging' but we don't have to accept this.

By creating a healthy lifestyle and recognising that you don't always have to be 'on' or busy, you can sometimes sit and read a book or just sit if you need that calming head space! If we talk more about the busy culture and it's negative effects on our health, then we can help to make it less normal.

What do you think about our busy culture? Do you thrive on staying busy?

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