Sunday, 13 May 2018

Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently

I'd love to do more of these kind of posts, it's the perfect way to round off a week and start the new one! Even if it's not the most exciting blog post to read it's the most enjoyable for me to write.

- Starting a new job and finishing at a old one
Probably my biggest news to come this year! I've waved goodbye to working at Brodie & Stone as part of the digital marketing team for 3 1/2 years and am starting a new job on the 21st May. I'm not sure whether I can say exactly what the job is and with what company, but it's a lot closer to home and it's still within the digital marketing industry with beauty brands!

- Spending more quality time with friends and family
I've been spending a lot more time organising meet ups, lunches and dinner dates with a friends and colleagues to celebrate my new job. And now I have a week off in between my old and new jobs, I've been planning to spend more time with my friends and family! Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Stories for daily updates...

- Getting back into reading more books
When they say reading is food for the soul, they weren't wrong! I go through reading phases when sometimes I can't put a book down and others when I really can't get into a story line. Right now I'm re-reading some of my favourites and added a few new novels from my favourite authors to an Amazon order. Is there really anything better than the smell of a book?!

- Not feeling the pressure to keep up with blogging
I actually took last week off blogging, mainly because I had felt so burnt out from blogging and putting pressure on having an Instagram post ready for each day. It's been a good feeling to take a step back and re-think my whole approach towards blogging. Now if I want to get three blog posts up and scheduling done for one week, I can but I won't necessarily feel like I have to.

- Being more creative
Even though photography may not be my strongest strength, I still enjoy being creative with flatlays and props. I love the whole creative process of blogging, going from the initial concept to seeing it live on your blog and social media. I think once you're past feeling pressurized then you can really start to feel creative and experimental.

What things have made you happy recently?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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