Tuesday, 1 May 2018

My Addiction To Cleansing

Now that title was a bit click-bait wasn't it? I will say that I am obsessed with cleansing and simply do not have enough skin to keep my cleansing addiction satisfied! I was asked recently what motivates me in terms of beauty and I say I enjoy taking my makeup off each day and getting to do a full skincare routine each evening. I'm that serious...

I went to a talk with Clarins and Caroline Hirons was the host, talking all about skincare and of course cleansing (here's picture of us on Instagram!). I definitely learnt a lot about skincare and my skin during it and even had a mini skincare consultation by the beauty guru herself! (She said I need to exfoliate more and revisit my acids as I have super dry skin across my cheeks.) 

It got me thinking about my cleansing routine and how I am pretty much addicted to cleansers. I have an extensive collection of cleansers but generally go back to my all-time favourites like the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and the much more affordable Aldi Lacura version! I've been testing the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse for a while now and it's blooming good. My favourite part is definitely the cleansing balm to remove my makeup, it's simply gorgeous and turns to a oil which really works to remove all my face makeup. 

Even on late nights or those lazy days I'll always cleanse my skin, and would much rather skip exfoliating or an eye cream over cleansing my skin any day. I like to switch up my cleansers during seasons, so I have a nourishing and rich cream during autumn and winter then an oil or balm for the lighter months. By now I know my skin agrees with brands like Liz Earle, Una Brennan Super Facialist, Simple and Superdrug own brand - which by the way are totally underrated! 

What cleansing brands do you recommend? Do you have a favourite cleansing balm?

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