Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently

I enjoy reading posts about things that have made others happy, as well as writing my own. Sometimes all you read in the news and on social media is the negatives and highlighting the positives makes all the difference. Many of the things that have made me happy recently are only small things, but nonetheless important.

- Finding my blogging and social media mojo again
I'm sure many bloggers will agree with me that there's going to be times when you're really feeling uninspired with your blog. And you're going to want nothing to do with it for a time! Recently I've really enjoyed blogging again, whether it's brainstorming new posts, scheduling in my social media or commenting on new blog posts from other bloggers. I think not putting pressure on myself to create constant content has made me a lot happier with blogging!

- Discovering new podcasts, documentaries and books
I'm always looking out for new entertainment to take with me on my commute to work and the week before last I highlighted my favourite podcasts and documentaries if you'd like some new ideas. Podcasts are a new thing for me and I'm still trialing and testing new ones that I like, it has a lot to do with liking the person's voice for me! I love watching investigative documentaries and any book that can transform me to another world and time gets a spot on my bookshelf.

- Making plans
Nothing makes me happier than making plans for my free time, then there's always something to look forward to! I like making plans with my friends and family, booking in holidays and filling my diary with new plans. Especially now the weather is looking better and our evenings are finally lighter (hallelujah!) I feel like I have more free time to make plans for.

- Thinking positively 
It's actually mad how much thinking positively can make a difference to whatever you are doing. This has made me happy recently because I've not been focusing on the negatives by making an effort in finding the positives. As mentioned in my last blog post, I love reading quotes and a great one about thinking positively is this: "Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success."

What things have made you happy recently?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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