Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Favourite Podcasts and Documentaries

On my long commute to and from work during the week I like to keep myself entertained on my train with a documentary or podcast. Sometimes my 45 minute journey can whizz by when I'm so engrossed with a new documentary! I mainly use BBC iPlayer because I can download them without having to use wifi to watch them and the BBC have a great selection of programmes to watch.

Full Coverage Podcast
This podcast is by beauty enthusiasts Lindsey Kelk and Harriet Hadfield and is full of amazing beauty reviews and the latest trends. They'll start with what's new in beauty and then talk about the main topic of the podcast, for example packaging, cosmetic procedures and their latest empties. I love listening to it on my way home and it really calms me down after a long day at work, it's like listening in to two friends talking about their favourite beauty products!

How Little We Know Podcast
I'll first admit that I am a fan of The Vamps, their classic teen pop tunes are too catchy! Last year Brad and James from the band started a podcast called How Little We Know to bring in guests to talk about new topics. So far we've had talks about social media, bullying and homelessness and each one has a great overall message and lesson to learn.

Is It Just Me? Podcast
Part of the reason why I love listening to podcasts is because I feel like I'm learning something new each time! This podcast is by Jo Elvin, previous editor at Glamour Magazine UK and James Williams who is also an editor and writer. I enjoy listening in to the variety of guests and topics they cover, usually finding something that I can relate to.

Who remembers growing up and watching Reggie on kids TV?! He's since moved into making documentaries and some of his highlights include travelling to Russia to interview far right activists, spending time as a guard at a prison in America and most recently filming the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower. I definitely recommend you watch his documentaries!

Similar to Reggie Yates, Stacey Dooley tackles hard to hear subjects like the women affected by the conflict with ISIS, Cyber Sex Girls in Asia and Gypsy Kids Taken From Home. A lot of her documentaries are focused around women from all parts of the world and what issues they are facing in society now. I do like her documentaries but sometimes feel that she can act a little naive when questioning people.

I like watching the Panorama programmes because they're often topical subjects that are currently in the news and are usually half an hour programmes so I can quickly watch them on my way home! Most recently they've highlighted the gender pay gap, political tension with Russia and Trump's first year as president. I like that there's a range of topics to choose from too!

What podcasts and documentaries do you watch? Anything you recommend?

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