Thursday, 5 April 2018

Let's Talk About Nostalgia

A few weeks ago Stylist Magazine ran an article about nostalgia and how we've now become so sentimental about the past. It really resonated with me and inspired me to write about my own experiences with nostalgia.

If you asked me at what age from my life would I like to relive again, it would be 16-18 the time when you're slowly growing up from teenager into young adult, can start learning to drive and finally legally drink in a pub. It's also the years that I felt no weight of responsibility on my shoulders and all I cared about was getting good grades and planning where to go out every weekend. But I now realise most of these memories are seen through rose-tinted glasses and that I'm only seeing the good parts, I'm choosing to forget the bad memories.

We may think that back in the old days things used to be so much easier and I used to fully believe this. However I'd be quick to point out that even if things were simpler years ago, technology advances has progressed so much nowadays that our life is made even easier. For examples shopping online for your food delivery if you're unable to leave the house easily or discovering breaking news as it happens, rather than finding out in next day's paper.

Nostalgia is now coming back into our every day lives, through fashion, food, beauty and culture. You can probably say 'I remember wearing those ugly trainers!' or 'we used to eat that when we were kids!' - nostalgia is coming back and now it's trendy. Facebook is reminding us daily of what we were doing this time three years ago, a somewhat scary reminder of what we used to wear in the 2000's!

What do you think of nostalgia? Do you love it?

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