Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Learning To Love Instagram Again

As many of us have realised, Instagram is no longer as simple or easy as it used to be. Years ago we used to upload for the fun of it, add the Valencia filter, throw in a few hashtags and watch as the likes come in. Nowadays the app is so much more, it can be portfolio of your work, a way to express yourself or a new hobby or an extension of your blog.

The changes in algorithm and how the app works has been difficult for many influencers and bloggers, but I think it's more about how to learn to love Instagram again that will keep us moving forward with the app.

I've been clearing out a few redundant accounts I follow and following Instagram's suggestions of other accounts that I may like, making way for new imagery and people to follow. It's made a massive change to how I interact with the app, now stopping to find out more about the person and comment on their images. Instagram favours those who use the app well and has been proven to reward those who are active on the app with greater visibility.

A few areas I love about all of these Instagram changes are the Highlights and Story features, aren't they just so cool?! Rather than changing the way Instagram is displayed, they've built upon our need to share with our followers and created two different ways of doing this. Highlights are the newest and one I'm still figuring out for myself, does anyone really go onto an account and view their Highlights? Even if they're not being viewed, I think having those keywords like Outfits, Travel 2018 or Friends as Highlights instantly show who that person is and what their Instagram will be about. I'm going to start adding Highlights to my Instagram page and hopefully being creative with them will make me learn to love Instagram again.

I actually view more Stories than I do scrolling through accounts, I guess that's the lazy person in me letting the Stories play out one after another! But there's so much you can do with Stories to create your brand personality and give your followers an insight into your every day life. It's rare for me not to upload a story each day and they actually get more views and interaction than my normal Instagram post does. I love the emojis, typography and GIFs you can now add to your story, as well as the swipe up feature - if only they rolled it out to all accounts and not just the big ones!

A lot of what Instagram is about is creating and curating your own identity and even when Instagram announces a new algorithm change or new feature, instead of groaning and moaning think about how you can add this to your identity and what you can do. Once you start enjoying Instagram again and being creative, will you once again learn to love it.

What do you think about Instagram? Do you love or hate it?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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