Sunday, 1 April 2018

How To Be More Beauty Eco-Friendly

Ever since writing my Trends In The Beauty Industry 2018 blog post, I've been thinking more about how I can be more eco-friendly with my beauty products. It's an issue that's slowly being taken more seriously by brands and customers are waking up to it. 

So I thought I'd write about a few ways you could be more eco-friendly with your beauty products:

- Recyclable packaging
Nowadays brands are more savvy to using packaging that is easy to recycle, however there are still certain plastics that are too tricky to breakdown. Usually the circle with two arrows shows that the packaging is recyclable. Make sure you wash out the packaging thoroughly before putting out.

- Non-plastic cotton buds
It was announced earlier this year that Scotland is banning plastic cotton buds from being used because beaches and sewage are coming up with hundreds of these plastic-stemmed cotton buds. It's easy to switch to paper cotton buds, even Aldi are producing them now.

- Shampoo bars
Completely avoid plastic for your haircare routine and opt for shampoo bars. Lush obviously have a great selection, Molton Brown and The Body Shop are also leading the way to make your bathroom plastic-free.

- Opt for sustainable products
Makeup brushes created from bamboo and synthetic bristles are a fab option for making your beauty more eco-friendly. Eco-Tools and Illamasqua have bamboo and synthetic options that I really recommend!

- Refillable sachets and returning empties
I love the idea of buying top ups for my shower gel and shampoo products, rather than buying another plastic bottle. L'Occitane and Faith In Nature have sachets and large quantity sizes so you know you'll never be without your favourite products. Lush has a well-known recycling scheme where you bring back their black pots to be re-used again, plus you get a free black pot of any face mask you like. 

What tips do you have to be more eco-friendly with your beauty products?

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