Sunday, 29 April 2018

Book Review: The Hygge Holiday by Rosie Blake

Does anyone actually pronounce hygge correctly?! I say huggye like you're giving someone a hug, it sounds more cosy than hoo-gah. Anyway the concept of hygge is to feel warm and fuzzy, usually with a good book (ahh see what I did there?!) a few candles and something tasty to drink and eat.

I originally bought The Hygge Holiday by Rosie Blake for my mum at Christmas and she passed it on to me, saying it's something I'd enjoy! It's set in a small sleepy village called Yulethorpe in Suffolk where a Danish traveller called Clara is visiting and stays to find herself a house sitter for an eccentric lady and working at the local toy shop.

What Clara doesn't realise is that the house sitter's son, Joe comes back to find out what's going on with the family toy shop and is anything but hygge. Clara's determined to turn the future of the toy shop and village around and teach Joe the art of hygge, whilst eventually finding herself calling Yulethorpe home.

As expected by the book title, it's a hug in a book and a proper chic-lit story. I really enjoyed reading it and loved turning each page to discover something new! I managed to read through it so quickly and definitely recommend it for anyone who's looking for a lighthearted and joyful book to read.

Have you read this book before? What are you currently reading?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon x

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