Sunday, 25 March 2018

Trends In The Beauty Industry

As we all know beauty is an everlasting cycle of innovation, launch, marketing and then it's back to the beginning again. Nowadays it seems that brands are launching more and more products and at a quicker rate than ever to satisfy our needs and requirements. With that in mind I've been thinking about what I believe are going to be the next trends in beauty and themes I've started seeing launched on the market by the larger P&G and Unilever brands.

1. Recyclable packaging

It's actually mad to see how un-environmentally friendly packaging actually is, I've forever asking my mum if I can recycle this and and that! I hope to see more brands opting for recyclable packaging and have this clearly stated on them as it'll make buyers more likely to purchase them. I also think brands like Lush who encourage you to bring back your old pots in exchange for a newly filled ones are a great idea, as well as re-fillable sachets to top up your empty shower gel bottle.

2. Cruelty-Free and Vegan friendly

This is such a big must-have for so many buyers now that they want to see the official leaping bunny and vegan logo to know that brand is animal friendly. I know that I'd be more inclined to purchase from brand that is vegan-friendly and doesn't test on animals than one who does. Brands manufactured in the EU have been banned from testing finished products on animals since September 2004, but it's a grey area whether the ingredients are tested on animals.

3. Personalised and targeted skincare

We all know skincare is subject to your skin type and that what works for one person may not work for you. Brands are now looking to more personalised and targeted skincare, and I love this idea! The science behind many of these new formulas are so interesting and I believe people are now looking more closely to the ingredients because they're more aware of what works for them. It used to be clear cut categories in skincare; acne and spot-prone, normal skin types and then anti-ageing, there was nothing for that in between stage. Now some higher end brands have introduced ranges for this specific skin type, I'm hoping this will trickle down to mass brands to make them available for everybody.

4. Instagrammable designs

You only have to look to Too Faced and Spectrum to see makeup brands getting more creative with their designs and packaging. Brands are now taking more time to make their packaging look and feel inspirational to their customers. There's this great program on the BBC iPlayer (which I recommend everyone watches!) and it showed an experiment comparing purchasing habits with plain and fancy packaging. Of course most people picked the fancy packaging, showing that design means a lot more than you realise!

5. Simplistic skincare routines

We're time poor now we have a million and one things to do everyday, so I think brands are going to look towards simplifying skincare routines to fit in with us. None of this pre-cleanse cleanser or multi-layering serums, where one product could do all of that. I've seen some skincare routines include more than 10 products and others with less than 5 and they still have great skin.

6. Wellness and Holistic skincare 

You saw mindfulness hit the headlines a few years ago and adult colouring books selling out in places, and now I believe that is going to reflect in our beauty products. We've already started seeing products focusing on our sleep and how beneficial they can be (anyone remember the sell-out Sleepy Cream from Lush?!) Who knows what's going to be next?

What do you think are the latest trends in the beauty industry?

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