Sunday, 4 March 2018

Things That Remind Me Of My Childhood

Thursday's are for throwbacks, family gatherings bring back memories and then there's always going to be those things which remind you of your childhood. To be honest I don't actually know what my earlier memory was (does anyone really?!) but there are definitely certain objects, foods and memories that remind me of my childhood. (To put into context, I was born in 1995 so most of my memories will be from the last 90's and 2000's!)

1. Polly Pockets and Barbies
I used to love playing with my toys and dolls and used to have a big box underneath my bed filled with things to play with. I've noticed rumors of Polly Pocket making a resurgence, which I think is brilliant because I used to spend hours playing with my pink shell-shaped version!

2. Birthday parties at the local leisure center
I was lucky enough to have a summer birthday so many of my parties were outside or featured some sort of fun sport! We used to go to my local leisure center and have a whole day of fun games, trampolining and finishing with birthday cake and a goody bag.

3. Roll on glitter and S Club 7 at school discos
Who remembers school discos as being the talk of the school at days before? There would be no doubt that S Club 7 'Reach For The Star's and 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion would be played at some point. Usually someone's parent would've bought the roll-on chunky glitter that you'd roll across your arms and cheeks - and would be a pain to remove!

4. CITV and CBBC programmes after school
Me and my friends still talk about the TV programmes we used to watch on these channels after school. Highlights would be Art Attack and Jungle Run on CITV then Arthur and Mona The Vampire on CBBC. I literally used to love these programmes and couldn't stop watching them!

5. Chicken Dippers and Smiles 
Obviously anything novelty shaped that I could dip into ketchup would get a big thumbs up from me... There's so many foods and drinks that remind me of my childhood but these two were always dished up at sleepovers or going round a friends house, which always meant a lot of fun times.

What things remind you of your childhood?

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