Thursday, 29 March 2018

Things I Wish I Was Taught When I Was Younger

Sometimes growing up and doing adult things can be daunting, even though when you were younger all you wanted to be was an adult! There are a few life lessons that I wish I was taught when I was younger, none of this trigonometry and how does a river form stuff. If I didn't have my parents and older siblings who have already made these decisions to learn from, then I wouldn't know what to do.

So onto Things I Wish I Was Taught When I Was Younger...

1. Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and Budget Management
When you're younger you receive pocket money and do start to learn how to make the most of that money, saving it up or spending it all! I think schools could teach when you could apply for a credit card, the benefits of opening ISA accounts and keeping on top of your finances. Simple lessons like that could really help and make a difference later on in life.

2. How To Buy A House/Get On The Housing Ladder
It's depressing to know that buying a house is something you'll now be doing much older than when your parents were, but that's the current situation! There's areas like contract agreements and stamp duty that I would've love to know about earlier on.

3. How To Look After A Car
I understand not everyone will want to learn how to drive or be able to own a car, but having an understanding of how to look after a car would be so useful. Like knowing how to change a tyre, what an MOT does and where to look for car insurance I'm sure would be so helpful!

4. How To Apply and Search For Jobs
I'll admit this was briefly covered when in sixth form and applying for universities and apprenticeships. However my sixth form college leaned heavily towards the university route, even though some of us didn't choose to go. I think schools and colleges could better equip students with these skills and tools to help them get a career.

5. General Living Skills
I'm lucky enough to have a really supportive family who I've learnt many life skills from, but things like living by yourself, learning how to cook, keeping on top of cleaning chores and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle could be highlighted more at schools and colleges.

What things do you wish were taught when you were younger?

Thanks for reading!
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