Thursday, 8 March 2018

Making Time For Yourself

As with many of my rambly posts, I didn't put any planning in or have a structure to this blog post but I'm hoping it's going to make some sense at least!

I've been thinking a lot recently about making time for yourself and how important it is for you and your health. We rush into a new week and many of us have a structure of 9-5 jobs Monday-Friday with a beaming happy rainbow over the weekend, then it's the same cycle all over again. And in between that you're supposed to be socialising, keeping up that healthy lifestyle and exercise balance, managing a blog and social media channels and of course, making time for yourself. Sometimes it can all seem a bit too much to work with.

Because of all of these things swirling around my head, I've made the decision to start making time for myself and not feel guilty when I do that. I hate that I feel this way when I'm doing something for me - it's seems so crazy! Whether it's watching a Youtube video, fitting in a yoga routine, spending time with my friends and family or, one of my favourites, grabbing a blanket and a good book for half an hour, I'm going to fit in that time for myself.

I do have another blog post in the pipeline about our busy culture and I think this post has nicely started that conversation! There is a big problem with people burning out at work, school, university etc. because we haven't got that time to make for ourselves. I'm hoping with more awareness from charities, on social media and in the press that people are waking up to that fact that making time for yourself is more than just that, it's also so important for your health.

What do you think about making time for yourself? Do you feel guilty for doing so?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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