Thursday, 8 March 2018

Easy Tips To Treat Your Hair

I'll be the first to admit that I hardly do anything to my hair if I could help it. Want to add an extra day to my hair style? Dry shampoo it. Bad hair day? Shove a hat on and be done. I like trying easy tips to keep my hair looking happy and healthy without looking like I've tried to hard, because I've probably not.

- Leave in hair mask
This is the ultimate lazy girl hack but I love using leave in hair masks. The hassle of applying a hair mask, leaving my hair for 30 minutes then washing it out feels like way too much work for me!

- Add a hair oil
Another cheat way to glossy and shiny hair is a hair oil. I've used to many across my time and haven't had any bad ones, but the L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil is my favourite and well worth the money. I just add a few drops to my palms and massage into my damp hair before blow drying and voila.

- Regular trips to the hairdresser
One thing I do make the time and money for is visiting my hairdresser for my regular haircut. For shorter lengths you're probably looking at every 4 weeks, whilst longer lengths like me can get away with every 6-8 weeks. I notice a massive difference to my hair health when I've had a haircut and it maintains its shape well until I need a haircut next.

- Avoiding too much heat
On days when I'm at work or relaxing at home, I won't do anything to my hair and give it a break from the heat appliances. Although I know hair is dead already (something that actually creeps me out!) I know using straighteners and curlers will make my hair in so much worse condition and frizzier!

- Letting it do its own thing
I've definitely learnt a lot about my hair over the years and I now know that there's no way to tame it or reason with it. In the end it'll do its own thing and letting my natural hair relax will be better for its overall health. (Plus I'm also really lazy with styling it...!)

What are your best hair tips?

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