Sunday, 11 February 2018

How Bloggers And Brands Can Work Together

Now the dust has settled on that controversy with a blogger and a hotel, I thought I'd write a little about how bloggers and brands can work together - in a way that's beneficial to both parties.

Sometimes we forget that blogging and influencer marketing are fairly new to the market and only something that has recently been a viable source of income. There are some awesome bloggers and influencers who are really paving the way for the industry and not to mention great brand and blogger partnerships like with Benefit Cosmetics and L'Oreal.

- Don't be discouraged to not pitch to brands.
From a brand point of view, we're limited on time to go out and search for you. I love it when a blogger or influencer emails to introduce themselves, sometimes all it takes is an email to get the brand to sit up and listen to you. I'd definitely recommend adding your blog and social media links (you won't believe how many emails I get without this crucial part!) if you had a media kit attach that too, examples of previous sponsored work and pricing. The last part is up to you, I think it's important to be up front about being paid.

- Make it easy for brands to find you.
Personally I like to use a variety of ways to find bloggers and influencers, that could be from Twitter with hashtags like #bbloggers or #PRRequest if you have a particular blog post idea in mind that needs brand support. When bloggers shoutout other bloggers through Instagram Stories I like to take a screenshot and make a mental note to check that blogger out. But all of the above can only be done if I can find you on social media; make your links visible on your blog, use a similar username to your blog name or at least add your blog link to your social media profiles so I can search for you. Oh and brands do know how to use Social Blade and can spot fake followers a mile off...

- Sponsored work and Gifting.
Another hotly spoken about subject, bloggers getting paid for work and bloggers getting gifts for work. This is of course dependent on the brand and their budget, I think all brands would have some sort of budget for bloggers anyway! I work with a mixture of both and that works out best for the brands and company that I work for. I believe as long as there is an understanding between the brand and blogger on what's expected from each then it should be a positive collaboration.

- Big Budget vs Small Budget.
This has always been something talked about in the blogging industry and I believe that brands are now waking up (or at least working towards) that having a budget for bloggers and influencers is essential. Benefit Cosmetics recently demonstrated what a big budget with bloggers and influencers can achieve, sending a few select high following influencers to the Maldives and practically sending every blogger a cool PR package too. Smaller brands with smaller budgets have to be savvier with what they have but that doesn't mean they'll have any less of an impact. Always be considerate of negotiations with some brands too.

- Going into the future.
I'm hoping that with more recognition like the L'Oreal ambassadors across the Piccadilly Circus billboard, that bloggers and influencers will start to be taken seriously. These groups of hardworking people build a loyal following who trust their decisions and recommendations, making them invaluable to brand marketing. There's still a disconnect between how brands can track ROI from their blogger and influencer activities, so I'm hoping there will be easier ways to do this and trackable links to result in a purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this post and ramble, these thoughts have been working in my mind for a while and waiting for a post to be written!

Rhiannon x

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