Thursday, 8 February 2018

Building My Skincare Routine

As you may have read in my January Skincare Haul, I am big skincare fan and have built up my routine over the past few years. I believe that every good base should start with good skincare and having the right tools and knowledge about your skin will help you build a perfect skincare routine.

It starts with learning about your skin, what it needs, what it's lacking and what doesn't agree with it. For example my skin hates anything that's too over drying or leaves it stripped of all natural oils. If you're noticing particular breakouts and blemishes, this handy face map could help you understand what's going on with your skin.There's going to be a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding out what your skin loves and hates, believe me that not all shining blogger and influencer reviews are going to be right for you.

I've now learnt that there's a few brands that I can all my holy grail or fail safe brands that I'll always find something that would agree with my skin and get the best results. A few of my favourites are included in the above photo, Origins, La Roche Posay, Liz Earl and Lush! Skincare doesn't have to cost the earth either, Superdrug and Boots do some great own brand lines, especially the soothing Vitamin E range from Superdrug if you're prone to irritated skin! Then it's all about sticking to that routine of holy grail products and road testing your new skincare routine - it can take anywhere between a few days to four weeks to start noticing a difference. So stick at it and you'll start to see improvements in your skin!

What have you done to improve your skincare routine?

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