Thursday, 18 January 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons

I don't know if it's the January blues, the fact that Christmas seems so long ago or that I'm struggling to find any motivation other than watching a marathon of Pretty Little Liars episodes, but life has definitely given me lemons this year. 

Blogging used to be second nature to me, something I could do so quickly and easily. But now I've had a long break and I had always planned to come back in the new year with new inspiration and motivation for blogging again. I used to find such enjoyment in blogging, taking part in Twitter chats and more. Maybe I need to spend more time on blogging, immerse myself back into the blogging community and find my passion again.

In other areas of my start to 2018, work has been non-stop to the point where I feel like I'm barely making a difference because I'm being pulled and pushed into every direction. Unfortunately that's all that's in my life at the moment, to quote Rihanna it's just work, work, work. I actually have a pretty free weekend coming up, just a few friends coming over and perhaps meeting others for breakfast one day. And I for one can't wait for it!

When I opened this new post I had no idea what to write or what I would write, there's never much of a plan to my blog posts anymore! I hope this post wasn't too boring to read, it's more cathartic for me to write down what's swirling around in my head than anything else. Normal blog posts will resume soon...

Rhiannon x

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