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My Malaysia Trip: Kuala Lumpur Part One

Just after I took my blogging break, I went on a two week travelling trip around Malaysia in October with my parents. It's been something we've wanted to do for a while now and at the beginning of 2017 we went to a travel agents to book it!

Usually we book the flights and hotel separately then plan the rest ourselves, but this time the travel agent booked everything for us and had a set itinerary which saved us a lot of time and hassle! Over the next three Sundays I'm going to be writing and posting photos from the various places we visited, hotels we stayed at and food recommendations. I hope you enjoy and this inspires you to travel more in 2018.

We flew with Malaysian Airlines from Heathrow and it took just over 13 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur. The flight was really pleasant and all of the stewards were so friendly and accommodating - I'd definitely recommend you fly with them!

On our first full day in Kuala Lumpur we actually headed out of the city to the Batu Caves. The sacred Hindu temple is 272 steps up and guarded by a 43m statue of Lord Murugan and cheeky macque monkeys outside! Note: Keep your bags zipped up as the monkeys will try and get inside! There is the main cave which houses the small temple and to be honest, there wasn't too much to see as they're currently renovating a section of the cave. The best cave is the aptly named Dark Cave when you could pay for a 45 minute guided tour to see all of its nocturnal creatures and bats. 

The main cave is free and the Dark Cave is 80RM (about £14) and you'll need to wear something that covers your shoulders and knees. It's super easy to reach from Kuala Lumpur by the KTM Komuter train for less than 50p! 


Two of the main tower and view attractions are the Kuala Lumpur Tower and Petronas Towers. We opted for the latter as it had better reviews and you got a better experience for your money. The tickets are 85RM each (about £15) and can be booked online. The Petronas Towers are definitely an attraction you need to book ahead as the slots can fill up quickly and queues can be big too. I'd also recommend booking for a dusk or night time slot as you can see all of the city lit up!

You get a guided tour and head up to part way of the towers for a photo before going into another lift to the top of one of the towers. Right at the top you have a 360 degree view of KL and you could actually see the Batu Caves from the towers! There's also displays about the Petronas Towers and how they were constructed and what they're used for now. 

Below the Petronas Towers is the KLLC Suria shopping mall, which has everything you may need (include a Sephora!) and a massive food court. We ate at the Little Penang Cafe and Yuzu Japanese Restaurant which were delicious and so affordable too! Outside of the mall you have Lake Symphony and KLLC park, at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm each evening the lake puts on a free light show which is definitely worth a watch. 

On our next full day we visited the National Mosque or Masjid Negara where we passed the Old KL Station. My grandad did his national service in Malaysia and had a lot of photos of Kuala Lumpur, including a photo of Old KL Station! The moqsue is free to enter and you'll be asked to wear one of the purple robes during your visit too.

I've never visited a mosque before, but I have to say the National Mosque in KL is one of the most beautiful. Sleek and shiny floors stretch around the main mosque because sometimes they have so many worshippers that they can't all fit it! It's free to visit and we had a very friendly guide take us through the mosque and his religion. If you're interested in exploring different cultures and religious, definitely add this to your itinerary.

A small oasis in the heart of the city is the Perdana Botanical Gardens! It was a mission to find but a little golf buggy for the gardens can pick you up and take you around the gardens including to the Butterfly Park, Orchid Garden and the main gardens for a fee but the rest is free to visit. The Butterfly Garden was absolutely gorgeous and amazing to see all of the different species, I didn't take my big fancy camera with me but I can imagine there would be so many photo opportunities here.

From the gardens we visited the Central Market and Petaling Street in the heart of Chinatown. You can pick up some great souvenirs, those typical travelling trousers and cheap designer handbags. It's an overload of the senses of noise, heat and sounds but a great place for those who like to travel to lively places.

One our last stop for the day was the Sri Mahamariam Temple, an amazing Hindu temple nestled between high rise and modern buildings. The pyramid shaped tower at the front has been decorated with Hindu gods sculpted from southern India. We didn't head into the temple as we were hot and sweaty by this point (KL is a very humid city!) but if you have the time it's free to go in and visit. 

We stayed for two nights at the Traders Hotel which overlooks the Petronas Towers and KLCC park and is towards the north east of the center. It was a gorgeous hotel and very comfortable stay, you can pay extra to have a view of the towers but we didn't opt for this as we wouldn't be staying long enough to enjoy the view! The hotel has a rooftop pool and bar which we tested out on the last day - if this view is anything to go-by then it'll be hard to not book it...

Next week I'll be sharing part two of my trip, to the Cameron Highlands! 

Have you been to Malaysia before? What do you think of Kuala Lumpur?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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