Thursday, 5 October 2017

My Makeup Mistakes

I love seeing those throwback photos on Facebook and Twitter, the ones that really take you back to your youth and you wonder 'why did I do that?!' It got me thinking what are my makeup mistakes, there's nothing I regret as I've (hopefully!) learnt from them and they're a proper laugh and a half to look back on.

- Not choosing the right shade of foundation
I'm sure this would be on many makeup mistakes lists, but it's still something that I struggle with now! Back in the early days there wasn't a great deal of choice in terms of shades or finish in the highstreet area, so a pale gal with combination skin like me struggled. I had freckles that are hard to conceal, hormonal spots and dry patches that did my foundation no favours.

- Thinking khol eyeliner was a good idea
I used to use a jet black khol eyeliner from Seventeen and ring my eyes like pandas to achieve some kinda of look... Needless to say it never went well, the khol on my bottom lash line would disappear and smudge everywhere. 

- Not filling in my eyebrows
You're beginning to build a picture of how I chose and applied my makeup when I was a teenager! My eyebrows were (and still are) very fair but for some reason I never filled them in. I'd just be a pair of eyes with no eyebrows to help shape or frame my face! Oh the horror.

- Body glitter
I'm talking early 2000's when you had a primary school disco and your friend whipped out the roller ball body glitter. We'd use it on our cheeks (early highlighting ya know?!) and upper arms. It's probably be cheap chunky glitter too that was a pain to wash off, but obviously looked so cool when dancing to Reach by S Club 7. 

- Not getting what a green corrector was
They've come back into fashion now, but I used to use a green correcting stick from Seventeen to cover over any redness or spots. Usually I'd end up covering my face in this stick and it was so hard to blend in that I'd end up with a slightly tinged green face.

What are your makeup mistakes?

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