Sunday, 8 October 2017

A Blogging Update

Sometimes there's never time to just sit down and write a blog post that's rambly and coming straight from my brain to my fingers on the keypad. Today is the day when you're getting old school rambly Rhiannon - so please bear with me!

Blogging has always been an enjoyable hobby for me, I love writing and reading and creating something that's my own. But recently I've been feeling the pressure to get my content up, schedule all of my social media posts and be more active online. It's not something that I never wanted to feel, but I can't escape from the fact that it's happening. So I'm going to take a blogging break, I've taken time off before from blogging and usually I come back feeling more motivated and ready to take on the blogging world!

I'm going to be haphazardly posting on Instagram and Twitter, so make sure you're following me on there too if you're wondering what's going on! I won't be gone for long, and hopefully I'll be back soon with new content ideas.

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

My Makeup Mistakes

I love seeing those throwback photos on Facebook and Twitter, the ones that really take you back to your youth and you wonder 'why did I do that?!' It got me thinking what are my makeup mistakes, there's nothing I regret as I've (hopefully!) learnt from them and they're a proper laugh and a half to look back on.

- Not choosing the right shade of foundation
I'm sure this would be on many makeup mistakes lists, but it's still something that I struggle with now! Back in the early days there wasn't a great deal of choice in terms of shades or finish in the highstreet area, so a pale gal with combination skin like me struggled. I had freckles that are hard to conceal, hormonal spots and dry patches that did my foundation no favours.

- Thinking khol eyeliner was a good idea
I used to use a jet black khol eyeliner from Seventeen and ring my eyes like pandas to achieve some kinda of look... Needless to say it never went well, the khol on my bottom lash line would disappear and smudge everywhere. 

- Not filling in my eyebrows
You're beginning to build a picture of how I chose and applied my makeup when I was a teenager! My eyebrows were (and still are) very fair but for some reason I never filled them in. I'd just be a pair of eyes with no eyebrows to help shape or frame my face! Oh the horror.

- Body glitter
I'm talking early 2000's when you had a primary school disco and your friend whipped out the roller ball body glitter. We'd use it on our cheeks (early highlighting ya know?!) and upper arms. It's probably be cheap chunky glitter too that was a pain to wash off, but obviously looked so cool when dancing to Reach by S Club 7. 

- Not getting what a green corrector was
They've come back into fashion now, but I used to use a green correcting stick from Seventeen to cover over any redness or spots. Usually I'd end up covering my face in this stick and it was so hard to blend in that I'd end up with a slightly tinged green face.

What are your makeup mistakes?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

My Beauty Wish List

It's not often that I write these beauty wish lists, and to be honest there's so many new releases that I want to try that I'd end up with a list as long as my arm. I'm generally quite good when it comes to beauty shopping, only really buying the things that I need/love and I always do extensive research on blogs and review sites before investing in a new product. But these are a few products that have been on my list for a while...

1. Decleor Aromessence Neroli Night Balm £36
I love Decleor and their night balms are the best thing to treat your skin to just before bed. You only use the tiniest amount (which also makes its cost-per-application fab!) and rub it into your hands before massaging it onto your skin. The essential oils help to calm my skin whilst the rest of the ingredients work overnight to replenish my skin.

2. The Ordinary Serum Foundation £5.70
As everyone and their dog has a foundation from The Ordinary, it's about right that it's firmly on my wish list now! The only thing stopping me is the choosing a colour without a professionals help, I have no clue what kind of undertone my skin is or what colour really suits me. I'll be sure to pop into a store on a quite day to get some help selecting my shade though.

3. Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel £24.50
This product is proof that sampling before you try is a great way to result in a purchase. I've been trying a mini sample for a week now and can totally tell the difference in my eyes! It really helps to smooth any puffiness as well as blurring any wrinkles or dark circles. Definitely recommend you try before you buy!

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion £17
I'm pretty fed up with highstreet eyeshadow primers creasing my eye makeup in a matter of hours after application. Having seen so many raving reviews of this eyeshadow primer, it may be time to take the plunge. I had no idea that it came is so many different types, I'd probably want to try the original one first as my eyelids get so greasy (TMI?) throughout the day that hopefully this would mattify them.

5. Kerastase Elixir Versatile Beautifying Oil £39.50
I currently use a hair oil of the brands from the company I work and can tell a massive difference in the texture and overall appearance of my hair when I don't one. But I feel like Kerastase in the crem de la creme of haircare products and that investing in this hair oil would be like investing in healthy and glossy hair. I can already see myself absently stroking my soft soft hair...

6. Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm £39
I've never used a cleansing balm before, but I love the idea of them and bet it's so luxurious for your skin. Of course this is another blogger enabled wish-list after seeing so many reviews in its heyday, it still features on a few favourites and lists. All of the ingredients sound like it would be doing your skin a whole lot of good and like you've been on a spa weekend rather than a quick cleanse!

What's on your beauty wish list?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

How To Be Kinder On Social Media

I wrote a post last week about Why I Stay Out Of Blogging Dramas and it got great feedback that it inspired this post. Like any other blogger, I'm glued to my phone and social media, to the point when my little finger is slightly indented from where I hold my phone and scroll.

Unfortunately I've been sucked into a 'scroll and move on' situation and don't engage with much anymore on social media. There's so much going on that it can be a little overwhelming, which got me thinking about what more I can do to be kinder on social media. Not that I'm nasty or anything! But ways in which I can support others and use social media how it should be.

Send Someone A Happy Message
For absolutely no reason. I love the idea of sending someone a GIF or just a 'have a great day' message. It makes all the difference to the change the mood of your day!

Support Bloggers And Causes
I've been a bad blogger and don't support others as much as I should. Simply tweeting another blogger to say they're doing a great job or leaving a comment on their latest Instagram post, as we all known how much the algorithm and shadow ban can kill our engagement. I'd also love to get involved in more causes close to my heart, I care a lot about feminist causes and am making it my aim to take part in social media campaigns

Move On From The Drama
Like I mentioned in my Why I Stay Out Of Blogging Drama post, you could be spending your time on a much worthier cause. You can easily get sucked into blogging dramas, but at the end of the day you do you and I'll be me. Simple!

Use It How It Should Be Used
If Twitter is to start conversations, start a conversation! Asked a question and use a hashtag and I will guarantee you'll receive a reply and vice versa, it's good to help others. Get creative on Instagram and share your daily activities on Stories and filter to your hearts content.

As we're taking about social media, help a gal out on Twitter and Instagram! I promise to share witty tweets and stories from London every day.

What's your best tips for being kinder on social media?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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