Thursday, 28 September 2017

This Month I...

September is one of those 'meh' months for me, it's the turning point of summer into autumn and everything turns a bit colder and darker. But on the plus side, we're closer to Christmas right?!

This Month I... ate at Monty Bojangles cafe in Reigate! So I'll fess up, this isn't my actual photo and I only just realised that I forgot to take any photos because I was too busy stuffing my face with their triple chocolate muffin and catching up with my friend. I love the Monty Bojangles Chocolate Truffles, they're delicious and amazing quality for the price. It's a one off cafe and it's in a lovely spot in Reigate, definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area and be warned it gets very busy!

This Month I... bought nothing - surprising I know! Next month I'm going on holiday to Malaysia for two weeks so I've been saving my money for then. However I have been very tempted by the Harry Potter collection in Primark at the moment. I work just round the corner from the Tottenham Court Road branch, which has a massive area for the collection. There's everything from socks and slippers to bags and duvets. It's a real temptation to not buy everything!

This Month I... read Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland. I've read a few youtuber books before and found them a bit wishy washy, like they're not well written enough for me. Perhaps it's because they're aimed at a younger audience. However Louise has changed her content from any fluffy to realistic and relatable content, something which is reflected in her new book. It's a classic chic lit from single mum's perspective, Robin. You can read my full review here for a indepth look. The pinch me moment was when Louise RT'ed my tweet!

This Month I... I watched the new Great British Bake Off. Yes there's no Mary, Sue or Mel and now there's adverts but it's still bake off to me. If you close your eyes whilst watching it, Prue does sound a little like Mary and Sandi sounds like Mel or Sue I can't decide! I love each themed week, especially the caramel challenges last week because I'm addicted to Millionaire Shortbread and Stroopwaffles. There's no favourite at the moment, so I'm just enjoying all the different characters!

This Month I... went to London Zoo! It's been years since I went to London Zoo, apparently I was four last time and it was a cold February day. There's even photo evidence of me riding a fish on the merry-go-round with a lovely hot pink puffer jacket. The animals are all very well cared for and there were plenty of zoo keepers in the walk-in enclosures to ensure you didn't get too close to the animals. We watched the tigers, giraffes and penguins being fed which was amazing to watch and the special part were the gorillas and baby monkeys! If you're travelling to London by train, you can get 2 for 1 tickets or buy them at a discount online too.

How as September for you?

Thanks for reading!
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