Sunday, 17 September 2017

Taking Time For Yourself

I should apologize for the poor quality of the photo - it's safe to say photography isn't my strongest point! Today I wanted to write about something that I don't do a lot of, taking time for yourself. When can you last remember the time you actually sat down and watched a film or read a book? 

Each time I try, I always end up feeling guilty that I should be doing something else (I blame the never ending to-do list!) and don't take any time for myself. So here are a few ways I'm going to try and take more time for myself:

- Book in allotted time
Unfortunately I'm not that spontaneous type, as much as I'd like to be! I like sticking to a routine, so by segregating an evening once a week to do whatever I like will ensure that I get that 'me time'. It'll also make sure that I'm more productive with my other time too!

- Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself
This is the biggest obstacle, in my opinion, to overcome. For some reason whenever you take a break from the never ending to-do list, a wave of guilt washes over and you end up skipping that break and pushing you further on. At the end of the day, I believe you can only do what you can! And there's nothing to feel guilty about.

- Do something to relax
If you're not relaxing or doing something that makes you happy, then what's the point?! I personally love a good film, an adult colouring book (because my hands need something to fiddle with!) and my pjs. Even just doing something for yourself for a couple of hours can really help you feel rejuvenated again. 

How do you take time for yourself? Any tips?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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