Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Favourite Face Masks

Face masks have always been a luxury treat for me, something that requires a bit more time than my usual cleanse-and-go routine. My skin is generally combination and slightly leans towards the sensitive side and has annoying hormonal spots and blackheads pretty much all the time. I'll use a face mask once or twice a week and have discovered a few of my favourites...

Cream Masks

I've been using cream face masks for years, they don't react badly to my skin or leave it feeling tight or dry like clay masks do. The 7th Heaven masks are great and there's such a variety to choose from too, I'd also recommend the Superdrug own brand masks. These masks require a bit more time and attention to apply, but leave your skin feeling nourished and clean.

Overnight Masks

These face masks were only a recent development in my skincare regime, but they're a lifesaver. Who knew that you could save so much time but have such great skin by the morning? I've only tried the cult Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask so far, which not only leaves my skin feeling moisturised and glowing in the morning but it smells delicious too. 

Self Heating Masks

I'll admit that I may be a little bias in featuring this product, as it's one of the brands the company I work for owns. However I've dabbled in many self heating masks when I was younger and they've worked wonders for my pores as the heat helps to open and de-clog them. I don't know the science behind why it heats up when you rub them in, but it's still pretty amazing to try.

Sheet Masks

These masks have been doing the rounds recently and I for one am pretty happy about that. Once I've removed my makeup, I just pop one of these on my face and end up looking like something kids wear on Halloween for about 30 minutes before revealing my brand new skin. I love how convenient and easy they are and each one has a special purpose, so you can tailor them to your skin type.

What are your favourite face masks?

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