Sunday, 27 August 2017

Why I Stay Out Of Blogging Dramas

It's been feeling like every time I log into Twitter, there's a new blogger drama. Most of the time I never actually know who is at the center of the drama, but from what other people are saying I get the gist of why there's drama and I physically roll my eyes again.

Because why is there the need? It's seriously draining to see people just arguing on Twitter and sending indirect tweets to others. I started blogging five years ago (yup, it's a long while!) and the first few years I didn't really use social media that much, then I discovered Twitter and Instagram and this whole new world to blogging. Then there's those days when you wish there wasn't a Twitter or Instagram argument.

So this is why I stay out of blogging dramas:

- I really haven't got the time (or energy)
For those non-regular readers, I have a full time job in London that starts at 8:30am and finishes at 5:30pm so there's not a lot of spare time in the weekday. And even less at the weekend when you're fitting in a social life! So basically, I haven't got time to care about your blogger argument.

- Everyone has an opinion on social media
Twitter is great for those healthy debates and discussions, but the one thing that stops me getting really involved in conversations are other people's opinions jumping down my throat. It's like that saying, 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all' and I feel like a lot of people really need to remember that.

- It can turn pretty nasty really quickly
One controversial tweet and your notifications could blow up quicker than a souffle in an oven. The thing with social media is that it's so much quicker than traditional media, so everything can become quite heated in the moment.

- You can't take back what you've said
Once it's out there, there's no taking it back. Similar to the last point about a blogger argument going so quickly on social media, is that you can be mis-informed and voice your opinion without getting the whole story. Then as quickly as you tweeted it, it comes back to bite you and you regret getting involved in the first place.

- I'm not in blogging for the dramas
Like I said I've been blogging for a good five years now and getting into arguments and generally stirring the controversial pot within the blogging community isn't my thing. I want to create content you'll enjoy, share content from other bloggers I enjoy and generally enjoy my hobby as a blogger. Life is hard enough without all the blogger dramas right?

What's your opinion on blogging dramas?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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