Thursday, 31 August 2017

This Month I...

August is always a busy and activity-filled month, and usually a quiet time at work but this time it wasn't! Work has been so busy with a new brand launch and generally pushing myself to do better and more. So I've really been enjoying and relaxing at my weekends this month. Catch up with July's This Month I...

This Month I.... ate brunch for lunch! It's been a while since I've featured a brunch dish. Anyway, Muriel's Kitchen is just around the corner from my work and as every great Friday promises, a lunch out is much needed. I had the Grilled Halloumi and Roasted Tomatoes on sourdough bread with poached eggs and avocado, literally perfection on a plate.

This Month I... have become obsessed with floaty pattern trousers. Previously you'd never see me out of my black skinny or blue ripped jeans, but how times have changed! This Primark pair featured on my blog last week, I've also picked up these New Look Spotty Trousers and a loose black and white patterned pair in the Primark sale. I'll call for help when I'm drowning under trousers...

This Month I... re-read my childhood books. There's a few series books that I read a lot when I was younger, Harry Potter, I Heart... and Twilight to name but a few. The House Of Night series was another set of books I read when I was younger and never actually finished. There's 12 books in total, plus another set of extra add on books, and I finally read the books all the way through this month. It's about a young fledgling vampire called Zoey who basically has to battle a lot of Darkness and deal with a lot of shit. I'd 100% recommend!

This Month I watched... Love Island Series 1! After the big hole series 3 left in my TV social life, I discovered ITV had added series 1 and 2 to the player. I've already seen series 2 and was so happy to see series 1 on the menu! Not as good as the most recent series, it's worth a watch if you're missing out on shock recouplings and rocky relationships.

This Month I... visited Canterbury! For bank holiday weekend, my family and I took a trip into Kent and stayed in the quaint city of Canterbury. We took a boat tour, learnt about the Canterbury Tales, walked through the beautiful gardens and along the river before finishing the final day at the Cathedral. It's such a British town and we had a fab stay at The White House and amazing food each day! 

How was August for you?

Thanks for reading!
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