Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My Relationship With Makeup

Me and Makeup. Makeup and I. It's a happy relationship at the moment, a working relationship that does the job and more. Some days we don't agree (especially when I've forgotten to remove my makeup after a late night out...) and we need a break from each other, but on the whole we're on a happy road to marriage.

For me, makeup is the thing that can turn my look from drab to fab with just a little eyebrow gel, mascara and blusher and maybe a bit more than that...! Makeup is that part of beauty where you get to have a bit of fun and be creative. Will today be an eyeliner flick day? Or a red lippie kinda feeling? Makeup gives me the confidence to catch the eye of that cute guy on the train or taken on the meeting with a great result. 

There are days when me and makeup spend time apart, and that's okay because confidence within your own skin is important too. I'm not the most knowledgeable or confident when applying makeup or using it, but I feel like I know what looks good and anything else I can learn. Definitely I'd like to learn more and find more looks to play around with, if you recommend any tutorials or Instagram accounts to follow, put them in the comments! 

Makeup is a great tool, you only have to see the The Power Of Makeup tutorials to see how much makeup can change a persons appearance and their confidence along with it too. I'll never stop falling in love with makeup, it's a match made in heaven.

What's your relationship with makeup like? Any favourite brands and products?

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Rhiannon x

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