Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How To Keep Up With Blogging

Sometimes I even wonder how I keep up with blogging! It's such a fast pace and always-connected community that it can be overwhelming, especially if it's a hobby or side project to your full time job/uni/school. Now I've been blogging for 5 years now and doing it alongside college and working full time, there's a few tips and advice I have for those who need a helping hand.

Find pockets of time
Evenings are normally great for me and even during my lunch breaks I'm replying to emails and catching up on Instagram. It's those pockets of time and using them wisely and efficiently that help relieve some pressure later on. It might be Sunday afternoon or an hour or two after work, keep that time in mind for blogging activities.

Plan, Plan, Plan!
I couldn't live without my Paperchase notebook and colour coordinating pens. Each month I print off a new calendar and scribble down all of the new posts I have planned for that month. Then there's a colour coded system for when I've taken photos, written the post and scheduled the Twitter and Instagram posts too. It's the only way which I can keep up with posting each week so I don't get behind with anything!

Batch photos and posts
Similar to my planning point, but by blocking out one sunny morning to take photos for the next few posts it makes such a difference to your time. Then I can come to edit those photos and write the accompanying posts when I've got a spare evening. This is also helped by my monthly calendar as I can see which posts are coming up and what photos I'll need to take for them.

Don't put pressure on yourself
With all of the above tips, you definitely need to take time out for yourself too. I generally don't pick up my laptop or use my phone too much on Monday and Friday evenings, banking these hours as 'me' time. If your parents are anything like mine, they would've told you when you were younger that your eyes would go square from staring at the screen too much! For many of us, blogging is a fun hobby and doesn't need to be stressed over, so remember your 'me time' too.

What are your tips for keeping up with blogging?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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