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Beauty Products I Should Really Use More Of

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There wasn't really a shorter blog post title I could have used today! Basically these are those beauty products that I'd love to use more of, but totally forget to or neglect them completely. I really am trying to get into a proper routine of using my beauty products, just adding them a couple of a time so I'm not completely overwhelmed with products to use. I'd love to know more about your beauty routines, so leave them in the comments below! On to the beauty products I should really use more of...

Facial Mists
I once heard a well-known beauty guru say facial mists are pointless - and to a degree I do agree with her! But to be honest, if there's part of my skincare routine that I can skip I will (lazy girl problems!) I currently own a few facial mists from Avene, La Roche Posay and Caudalie, proving I clearly have a thing for french facial mists. My favourite is definitely the Caudalie Beauty Elixir as I love the scent and pump, but the thing I struggle with is when do I use it? After makeup, before makeup or as a toner?!

Cream Eyeshadow Sticks
Another classic lazy girl product and the person who invented makeup in sticks should really be given a pat on the back, you guys have saved myself a lot of time! My day-to-day makeup is very basic and eyeshadow does generally get left for the special occasions. When I do use these products, they're so easy to just add a bit of colour without the hassle of blending and correcting any fall out. Maybe I will reignite my love for eyeshadow sticks, but at the moment I'd rather have the extra time in bed.

Foot Cream
Usually I'd apply foot cream at night to let it absorb whilst I sleep, but recently I've been so lazy recently and totally forgotten! I guess it's getting into a habit of a mini skin and body care routine before bed, and my poor feet always end up last. My current foot cream of choice is the Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme, which isn't like a normal cream but actually a gel-like consistency. However it works so well to moisturise my feet and not leave them feeling greasy. Hopefully I'll start to remember to use this one!

I know there's some people who religiously swear by a primer for making their foundation, but I've never really got on the band wagon. That's not to say I don't own one or two though! However, eyeshadow primer is a godsend for me as I find my makeup creases throughout the day. Maybe I just haven't found the right one to wow me yet and I need to do more research before I totally dismiss it completely.

Hair Masks
I've seen some serious transformations after using a hair mask, and I definitely envy the results! Again it's a lazy girl problem of having to wet your hair, apply and leave for 30 mins before washing out. Who really has that much time every week? I guess it's about making the time, but I think at this point I don't need to remind you that I can be pretty lazy! I have a couple of hair masks that help soften waves and curls and helps to de-frizz hair like this Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hair Mask, but I also love the Aussie 3 Minute Deep Conditioner because it's bloomin' fast and fab.

What beauty products should you use more of?

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