Sunday, 30 July 2017

This Month I...

July has been a great month for a number of reasons, there was a trip to Rome in the middle, drinks out with the girls and my 22nd birthday to celebrate. Plus Love Island pretty much brought a new purpose to my evenings again...

This Month I... ate another delicious cake from my sister. Obviously not all for myself! For my 22nd birthday, my sister made a fab flamingo cake for me. Inside were three sponges with pink butter icing and the amazing pink marble outside icing. I do love flamingos! There's also been many dinners, cocktails and afternoon teas with my friends and family, I think August I'll try to eat healthily again after over indulging in July....

This Month I... got bought lots of lovely presents for my birthday. I'm not going to do one of those 'what I got for my birthday' posts because I don't want to come across as bragging too much! A few favourites are obviously the chocolates, and even a chocolate drink and spread from Hotel Chocolat! My brother got me a few books, finally completing my A House Of Night series and a travel guide for when I go to Malaysia later this year. The cute travel bag and card holder are from Mango and came from my sister and brother-in-law, as well as the camera lens which I know I'll get tons of use on Instagram!

This Month I... have been reading Blogosphere and Cosmo magazines! Even though they say print is dying, I still love to pick up a new magazine to read. The hunt for the new Blogosphere magazine was a long one but I finally found one in my local WH Smith and grabbed it quick before it disappeared! It's a really great magazine for bloggers and I love finding new blogs each time. I actually got Cosmo for free because sometimes Gatwick Express have a magazine rack for you to take and read, so I always keep an eye out for my favourites.

This Month I... finally got round to watching a new film, Dunkirk! I've hardly been to the cinema this year, partly because there's nothing that amazing at the moment and partly because of the extortionate prices... Dunkirk is about the rescue mission of the 400,000 men on Dunkirk beach in France in WW2, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Harry Styles, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. Unless you enjoy history and are interested in WW2, I probably wouldn't recommend this film. Mainly because there's no back stories (you don't even know some of their names) and you're thrown straight into the middle of the action, so previous basic knowledge would be helpful! It was a slow burner and kept the suspense going for a good half of the the film before you saw much action. As always, Christopher Nolan is amazing at directing this film and I really love his style from The Dark Knight and Inception. 

This Month I... travelled to Rome! If you haven't been keeping up on my Instagram (sneaky plug there!) I visited Rome for a few days this month. I love Italy, not only for the food but for the people too. Rome is incredible because within this modern city is the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and amazing Roman artifacts and sights it's amazing to see them all kept so well preserved and such a part of their culture still. I've got a full guide on Rome Things To Do, See and Eat but I'll just leave it as one of my recommended European cities to visit!

What have you been up to in July? Any exciting plans for August?

Thanks for reading!
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