Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Guide To Nail And Hand Care

The Guide To Nail And Hand Care with Vaseline, Leighton Denny, Nails Inc, Sanctuary Spa

My hands and nails are probably one of the parts of my body that get neglected the most. There's nothing against them, just that I kinda forget that they need some TLC too! During the winter months my hands are so very dry, to the point when they're painful and then in the summer months I love to paint my nails, so they require a lot of nail care too. I've discovered a good routine that's become my 'fool-proof' guide to nail and hand care that I wanted to share with you...

First up is washing and scrubbing them. My germaphobe OCD kicks in when I haven't washed my hands after coming home from work each evening - imagine all of the invisible germs I've got on my hands?! I tend to use natural hand washes or Heyland & Whittle which have gorgeous fragrances. Once or twice a week I'll use a body scrub in the shower and at the moment, it's Sanctuary Spa Mela Black Pepper & Ginger Body Scrub, and whilst I'm using that I'll give my hands a quick scrub too. There's no need to by a specific hand scrub, but make your body scrub a 2-in-1 product!

Hand cream is a must for me, especially when I've just washed and scrubbed my hands. I keep one on my bedside table, in my bathroom and at my desk so they're always on hand (pun not intended!) There's no particular brand, although L'Occitane is a guilty pleasure of mine, I'm using Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream at the moment. This has keratin which is proven to strengthen nails and Vaseline to nourish hands too. Try and apply hand cream just before bed to allow the cream to work its magic overnight.

When my nails are feeling particularly dry or brittle, I turn to my trusty Leighton Denny Renovate. Inside is a nail repair cream, which includes essential oils and you can apply daily to hydrate nails and a buffer to smooth out ridges along nails. You use the buffer Refine side once every 2-3 months to smooth out ridges, then you can use the nail repair cream whenever along with the buffer Shine side to work in the cream. I find my nails look so much healthier after using this kit and feel stronger too - definitely recommend!

So who's not the only person to forgo a base coat when applying nail polish? I used to always skip this step, thinking it was a waste of time but since using Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Base Coat, I've been converted. Not only is it packed full of vitamins and healthy stuff, but my nails are definitely feeling the benefit from it. They're much stronger and not as damaged as they would be after wearing nail polish. I also find my nail polish applies smoother and removes a lot easier with a base, especially if I'm wearing a glossy red shade. 

What are your best tips or product recommendations for nail and hand care?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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