Thursday, 6 July 2017

OOTD: Denim and Daisy Prints, plus a ramble

Jacket, Top and Shoes: Primark
Jeans: ASOS
Bag: Zara

I've come to the realisation that my outfit posts aren't exactly groundbreaking, and this is an example! Instead I like to show a realistic outfit from my day, this is genuinely an outfit I wore last weekend to go shopping and I took a few photographs because I thought it looked cute. They're all clothes I've had for a fair while now and are very well loved, I can't believe this Primark denim jacket is pushing 5 years or more...

These past few weeks have been crazy busy and mind-spinning. To the point where I barely know what the date is - also how is it July already?! Just to prove my point of how I've seemed to completely skip June in a blink. My workload has been growing and growing in size, with new brands and product launches in the pipeline for this summer. I get that excited butterfly feeling in my stomach every time I hear about a new product, then my brain starts listing off a bunch of ideas of how we can market it online and I'm away with my planning and plotting for the next few weeks. Today I'm actually on a tutorial shoot for one of our brands, so crazy, right? I've never actually been on a set before or organised one myself, so I'm so excited to get started. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading my ramble - sometimes it's just what you need to start the day afresh.
Rhiannon x

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