Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How To Save On Your Beauty Shopping

Years ago I used to only shop in Boots, collecting those points and paying full price for my beauty products but now that's all different! Since working in the beauty and cosmetics industry for three years now, I've learnt that there's so many ways you can buy your favourite beauty products without having to pay the full price or getting some reward for it!

1. Discounter Shops
I never used to visit Poundland or Savers for my beauty products, but did you know they stock big brands to L'Oreal, Dove and Colgate? My favourite is definitely Savers and Wilko, they'll mostly stock all of the big brands at half the price they are in Boots or at the supermarkets.

2. Online Shopping
There's some real bargain online shops! I've always loved www.fragrancedirect.co.uk as they have my favourite Decleor brand as well as so many different perfume brands. Another one is www.justbeauty.co.uk and they stock lots of different and interesting products. Amazon are actually a great resource for finding your favourite products at a cheaper price too! People find it strange and unnerving to buy a branded beauty product from an unknown website, but I think as long as you've done your research and feel like it's a trusted website then give it a go.

3. Vouchers
Whenever I buying something that's fairly high cost, I'll have a quick Google online to find a voucher or discount code - it never hurts to have a quick search! I'll also have a rummage through my Boots and Superdrug vouchers, because they do generally tailor the voucher to whatever you regularly purchased in the past.

4. Points and Loyalty Cards
This isn't just related to beauty (as I recently found out after getting a free Nandos with my points card) but for fashion and restaurants too! If there's a loyalty card option, it's worth it and you'll use it often, then sign up to it. Boots Clubcard is an obvious one and easy way to save up on points to treat yourself one day. Some points schemes are really generous and also email you with discount codes as part of an exclusive club, so it's worth looking into if you love shopping like me!

What are your best tips for saving money on your beauty shop?

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