Thursday, 29 June 2017

This Month I...

June whizzed by as fast as the last few months did - and we're over half way through the year! It was another fab month filled with seeing friends and family and new experiences. I did take a mini blogging break earlier in the month, which I explained a bit more in my An Unexpected Blogging Break, but it's so good to be back again.

This Month I... ate fish and chips in Brighton! Is there anything better than having traditional fish and chips by the seaside?! Fun fact: I worked at a fish and chip shop for about 2 years and my favourite is scampi and I love mayonnaise with chips, it's a serious guilty pleasure.

This Month I.... bought a new dress for the Lingfield Races! I got this flamenco style dress from ASOS, which is now in the sale for £24.50 so shop it quick. We live just around the corner from the Lingfield Racecourse and each year we get free tickets for a community family day, so I needed something new and stylish to wear! Wearing red makes me feel so confident and I love how it looks against my English rose skin.

This Month I... read one of my favourite book series, House of Night. I'm going to do a post the next few weeks on nostalgia, but these books bring back some real memories from being a teenager! There's currently 12 books in the series which follows a vampire fledgling called Zoey Redbird and her and her friends defeating darkness. It's a seriously good vampire series, not like Twilight at all!

This Month I... watched my brother in the London to Brighton bike ride! We live nearby where the bike route passes through and waited with bottles of water and snacks to keep him and his teammates going. Then raced down to Brighton to meet him at the finish line, which we only just made it! It was such a lovely and hot day and the general atmosphere in Brighton was filled with so much fun and celebration, although I definitely couldn't do the bike ride myself....!

This Month I... have really been enjoying summer in London. We had a mini heatwave last week, which actually made a lovely change to wearing boots and tights all the time! Thankfully we have air con and fans in our office so we can stay cool throughout the day, and then I skip the sweaty mess from the tube and instead walk through the park and pass Buckingham Palace before home. 

How has June been for you?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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