Thursday, 1 June 2017

This Month I...

May has definitely been my favourite month yet! I got to tick off a few of activities off my bucket list and explore new places. As this post goes live I'll be on my last day of my Edinburgh trip and then we'll be starting another new month...

This Month I... ate a new favourite afternoon tea. Brunch and afternoon tea are probably my favourite meals of the day, who doesn't like avocado and finger sandwiches with mini cakes?! This month me and my friend tried the Cutter & Squidge afternoon tea in Soho, London. We were thoroughly spoilt in their secret garden with various finger sandwiches, savoury scones and so much cake, I had to take some home.

This Month I... bought some more things from Primark! I think I should get a gold card for being such a loyal customer to Primark... I picked up a few things from various Primark stores over May and put them all together in this haul post. They're definitely upping their dress selection right now!

The Month I... read Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. I haven't quite finished it, but I'm making my way through it! Previously I didn't get the hype around this book and now having read it, I can see why it's become so popular in the beauty industry. It's my new beauty bible.

The Month I... watched Pretty Little Liars. I know it returned to TV in April, but last month was all about Line Of Duty and PLL took a little while to get exciting! It just gets crazier and crazier with each episode and there's so many theories flying about that I really want to find out who AD is...

This Month I... experienced my trip to Edinburgh! This might be a cheat as I'm coming back from Edinburgh today, but I couldn't not include it. I've been so excited for this trip for so long, from booking the tickets to planning the itinerary. I've got a few blog posts planned in for June all about my trip, so make sure you're following on Bloglovin!

How was May for you?

Thanks for reading!
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