Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Special Jewellery Pieces

Over time I've found myself collecting pieces of jewellery which have a sentimental meaning - *touch wood* I haven't lost them yet! These are the jewellery pieces I pretty much wear every day, unless I have a particular necklace or ring I want to wear that day instead. They're the objects that hold memories, something that I will always cherish. 

Watches were never something that I was 'in to' when I was younger, I think my brother bought me a Swatch watch for my first watch and that's still going with a few new batteries! But for my 21st birthday last year, my family asked me what I wanted and all I could think of was a watch. Specifically an Olivia Burton watch because they're great quality and stand the test of time.

My sister and her husband got me the Midi Dial Rose Gold Bracelet and had 'Happy 21st Phunt' engraved on the back - Phunt is a nickname and a long store! I wear it every day and love how it goes with all of my outfits and completes my look. I don't think a day will go by without me wearing this watch for a long time! 

Pandora Heart Ring £40 (Sorry I can't find the others!)

My rings were the first pieces of jewellery that I wore religiously every day, my fingers feel naked without them! The only issue I have with rings is when the soap gets stuck in them when washing my hands, such a pain.

The first two are Pandora rings, both I received from my family for my 18th birthday. I generally stack them together as they look so lovely alongside each other, the flower one is particularly pretty. The third ring is two silver bands in one ring and my friend gifted this for my 21st birthday (can you see why all of them are so special?!) and I wear this next to my other Pandora rings. I can't remember what the brand is as I think she got it from a local store in our town!

Bracelets were never a big thing for me, but since wearing them every day they've really grown on me. The first is a silver bracelet from Tiffany's which my sister and her husband gave me as a bridesmaid present. It's such a pretty and dainty bracelet and I love how it looks on my wrist, it's quite small just because I have very small wrists.

Next up is a favourite from Oliver Bonas that another friend got me for my 21st, it has two bands: one pink with gold beads and a gold ball chain. Some people are really funny about mixing different metals together, but I wear this with my silver Tiffany bracelet and they look fab! It is getting a little tarnished now because I've worn it so much, but I'll still keep it.

Finally a necklace! Probably my least worn piece of jewellery because with wearing everything else, I don't want to look too blingy! It's a simple silver chain necklace, also looking a little worn with a few of my favourite keepsakes. The first is a gold heart ring which I think my parents bought for me when I was younger, I can just about fit it on my little finger now. Next up is a heart locket I found at a car boot sale or flea market once, I don't have a great sentimentality towards it but I do have a few photos inside. And on the end is a silver heart which I think was my Grandma's that my Mum gave to me. I like wearing all three together as the hearts tie in nicely!

What pieces of jewellery do you wear every day?

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