Thursday, 29 June 2017

This Month I...

June whizzed by as fast as the last few months did - and we're over half way through the year! It was another fab month filled with seeing friends and family and new experiences. I did take a mini blogging break earlier in the month, which I explained a bit more in my An Unexpected Blogging Break, but it's so good to be back again.

This Month I... ate fish and chips in Brighton! Is there anything better than having traditional fish and chips by the seaside?! Fun fact: I worked at a fish and chip shop for about 2 years and my favourite is scampi and I love mayonnaise with chips, it's a serious guilty pleasure.

This Month I.... bought a new dress for the Lingfield Races! I got this flamenco style dress from ASOS, which is now in the sale for £24.50 so shop it quick. We live just around the corner from the Lingfield Racecourse and each year we get free tickets for a community family day, so I needed something new and stylish to wear! Wearing red makes me feel so confident and I love how it looks against my English rose skin.

This Month I... read one of my favourite book series, House of Night. I'm going to do a post the next few weeks on nostalgia, but these books bring back some real memories from being a teenager! There's currently 12 books in the series which follows a vampire fledgling called Zoey Redbird and her and her friends defeating darkness. It's a seriously good vampire series, not like Twilight at all!

This Month I... watched my brother in the London to Brighton bike ride! We live nearby where the bike route passes through and waited with bottles of water and snacks to keep him and his teammates going. Then raced down to Brighton to meet him at the finish line, which we only just made it! It was such a lovely and hot day and the general atmosphere in Brighton was filled with so much fun and celebration, although I definitely couldn't do the bike ride myself....!

This Month I... have really been enjoying summer in London. We had a mini heatwave last week, which actually made a lovely change to wearing boots and tights all the time! Thankfully we have air con and fans in our office so we can stay cool throughout the day, and then I skip the sweaty mess from the tube and instead walk through the park and pass Buckingham Palace before home. 

How has June been for you?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Facts About SPF

The Facts About SPF with Boots Soltan, La Roche Posay and Soap & Glory

When it comes to SPF and suncream, I can be a bit obsessive over it as my skin is very fair and gets red and irritated at the thought of unprotected sun exposure! I generally apply a facial SPF every day, at the moment I'm using the last of my Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield SPF50+ which is great for the face as it isn't greasy and absorbs really quickly before apply my makeup. Once I've finished that one, I'll be switching to La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sun Cream Fluid SPF 50+ which is another non-greasy alternative for the face.

On a day-to-day basis I don't apply suncream to the rest of my body unless it's going to be sunny or I know I'll be spending a lot of time outside. I'll change between the Boots Soltan Protect & Moisturise SPF15 and SPF30 depending on how sunny it is! I've always used Boots sun cream as I find it's the best all-rounder out there and it's a brand I can trust to stop me from getting sun burn. And now onto the facts about SPF:

What are UVA and UVB rays? 

There's two different rays from sunlight that can cause damage; long wave ultraviolet UVA and short wave ultraviolet UVB. So UVA rays can reach the dermis layer of your skin (The thickest layer of your skin) and UVB rays cause damage to the top layer of your skin, and this is generally where you get sun burnt from which plays a big role in the development of skin cancer. Try and pick a sun cream with both UVA and UVB protection, most do nowadays but check the bottle before!

Which SPF factor?
There's been so much debate over the difference in SPF factors and which are really best for your skin. The SPF factor is the number which determines their ability to deflect rays from sunlight, so the higher the SPF the greater percentage of rays are deflected. SPF15 deflects 93% of rays, SPF30 deflects 97% of rays and SPF50 deflects 99% of rays. 

When to apply?
As recommend by Boots Soltan products, apply 15 minutes before going into the sun then reapply when in the sun and every 1-2 hours and after swimming. If I'm just going to work, I'll only apply my facial SPF once in the morning but if I'm in the sun on holiday, I'll be following Boots Soltan's recommendations! How much to apply is another big question, Boots Soltan say 2-3 tablespoons for the whole body which is quite a lot but when you consider how much skin you need to cover, it's really needed!

Why it's important?
Sun damage is a big part of your skin ageing at a faster and quicker rate than expected, as well as sun burn or excessive sun exposure being linked to skin cancer. You may think that you only need to apply SPF in the summer months, but the sun's rays can still reach your skin during the winter and cloudy days! What's also important is that you check the expiry date or period after opening to check that your sun cream is still effective. 

There has been some debate that I read in Stylist magazine that because we're so sun conscious now that we're preventing vitamin D from developing and now have to rely on supplements to restore that vitamin in our bodies. Experts have recommended between 10-15 minutes in the sun twice a week, without sun protection, in order to encourage vitamin D production in the body. All I can say is that if you're sensible, use the correct SPF for you and apply regularly, whilst allowing vitamin D production in your body then you'll be fine. 

What's your opinion on SPF? Which sun cream products do you use?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently

This week has been a tough one, there's so much going on it's hard for me to keep up! All good things of course but juggling them with full time work, a social life and a blog is pretty hard sometimes. On Sundays I like to take the time to reflect and look at the things that have made me happy recently...

Friends & Family
The people that keep you going are always your friends and family. Even though I don't have a massive friend group, they're the best gals and guys! My family are also my best friends too, spending time with my mum and sister yesterday and genuinely having a great natter makes you much more appreciative of what you've got.

The Weather
I wouldn't be a born and bred British blogger without mentioning the weather the past week! Even though I am so fair skinned that the thought of sun just brings out more freckles, I actually enjoy warmer weather. This heatwave was a pain to sleep and travel to work in, but it only happens a few times a year so just embrace it.

Love Island
I feel like this programme will be mentioned many times on Monthly Favourites etc. but it's such addictive trash TV. When you think about it, it's a bunch of beautiful people put into a villa to match up with someone and to become the best couple to win money and fame. Such a good programme.

Reading Blogs
This week has been such a great week reading blogs for me! I don't have a lot of spare time during the evenings, but I do have a long commute so I've been using that time to comment on blogs. Pop your blog links below and I'll add them to my Bloglovin' feed!

Exciting Plans For July
At the risk of sounding like every other person on Twitter, how is it nearly the end of June already?! Where did these six months go?! July is my favourite month, because not only is it my birthday but everyone starts to get into the full swing of summer, which means BBQ's, having lunch in the park and drinking Pimms with everything...

What has made you happy this week?

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

How To Re-Organise Your Wardrobe

There's nothing I love more than spending my weekend sorting through my wardrobe - I end up rediscovering old favourites and clearing room for new clothes! I have my routine pretty set now and tend to only do large clear outs a few times a year. But for those times in between when your clothes are getting a little messy, I have a few fail-safe tips:

1. Separate into categories.
The organisational fan in me start getting excited when there's categories involved! I sort mine by type of clothing e.g skirts, trousers, dresses, then I organise those by colour. So I know if I have a top that would go great with a black skirt, I just flick to the back of my skirt category to find it. It saves so much time and gives my heart a squeeze when I see everything in order.

2. Pack away seasonal clothes.
You see those two clear boxes towards the left of my wardrobe? Those are my winter clothes, things like thick jumpers, warm dresses and cosy tights all get folded in there. This helps to make room for my summer clothes, rather than cramming everything in as you won't be able to see anything properly!

3. Repair
This is also a good time to pull out that cardigan with a missing button or a top with a big stain that you've been meaning to soak since you got it. I make a little pile of things to repair or deep clean then after I've done re-organising my wardrobe I set to work sorting them out.

4. Take to charity
Anything that you're looking at and thinking it's a bit old now or too small/big etc. it could go to a much better home elsewhere! We have a few local charities that are always happy to take a few bags off our hands. If it's something that has a dirty mark on it or good do with a wash, put it in the washing bin beforehand. Also if it looks like it's had better days, you can find local places to recycle or sometimes your bin collection take clothes too!

How do you re-organise your wardrobe? Any tips?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Review: Aldi Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser vs Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

I've always been in the mindset that when paying more for skincare, you get better results and quality. But I have been proven wrong with the Aldi Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser! I've tried Aldi skincare before and found it a bit 'meh' then gone back to my usual routine, it was actually my mum who told me about the very similar Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser in Aldi and that I should get it as I loved the Liz Earle version. 

I do need to point out that the Aldi version is sold out online but there may be a few floating about in store still and they may bring more stock out, fingers crossed! The Aldi Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser is £3.99 for 200ml, in comparison to the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser which is £26 for the same size, so there's quite a difference in price. But how did the Aldi version shape up against Liz Earle?

The Packaging
Pumps are my preferred way of dispensing my cleanser, but tubes aren't the worst (FYI I don't like pot cleansers - so many things can stuck in it!) The Aldi cleanser allows you to easily dispense the right amount, although I can imagine if you're a bit heavy handed and suddenly half of it is in your palm! With the Liz Earle cleanser I know two pumps are just the right amount for cleansing my face and neck and the bottle itself is very tactile too. 

Both cleansers come with muslin cloths and this is probably the biggest difference in quality between the two. You can tell that spending a bit more of your money with Liz Earle that you get a better quality muslin cloth, it's thicker, soft and generally lasts a long time. Whereas the Aldi muslin cloth isn't the best quality, it's not horrible but slightly rough on my skin!

The Ingredients
As I work in the health and beauty industry, I take an interest in the ingredients in my skincare products. Both products include the same first four ingredients, which generally make up the majority of the actual product:
- Aqua (water)
- Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
- Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter
- Ceteryl Alcohol

After that the ingredients change between the both, however they do both include Eucalyptus, Rosemarym and Chamomile essential oils and smell exactly the same. The texture of both are very similar too, I think the Liz Earle cleanser may be slightly thicker and creamier than the Aldi one.

The Results
And this is the bit that matters! How did they fare against each other? From being the skincare snob that I am, I didn't have high expectations for the Aldi cleanser but I was pleasantly surprised. It removed my makeup effortlessly and left my skin feeling just as cleansed, soft and smooth as compared to the Liz Earle cleanser. If Aldi bring their Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser back again, I'll definitely be picking up a tube or two to stock up but for in the meantime I'll be working with my trusty Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser!

Have you tried the Aldi Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser or Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser before?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Printing Memories with Printiki*

Printing Memories with Printiki*, Printiki, Photos, Printing, Memories, Photo Printing, Instagram Photo Printing,

Printing Memories with Printiki*, Printiki, Photos, Printing, Memories, Photo Printing, Instagram Photo Printing,

Printing Memories with Printiki*, Printiki, Photos, Printing, Memories, Photo Printing, Instagram Photo Printing,

Printing Memories with Printiki*, Printiki, Photos, Printing, Memories, Photo Printing, Instagram Photo Printing,

I love taking and printing photos, saving those memories for another time to share with yourself, family and friends. Printing photos has always been a favourite thing of mine to do, choosing them then waiting for the postie to deliver them before I write on the back of each one the place, people and date of when it was taken. The content feeling I get from such happy memories is like nothing else! If you're a regular reader, you'll remember my Memories: Photos post!

So when the guys at Printikiasked if I'd like to sample one of the photo printing services I jumped at the chance! It was around the same time of when I went to Edinburgh, so it made sense that I'd take a few of my favourite snaps of the Scottish city as a keepsake. In a digital age, Printiki have really brought back the power and significance of a printing photos and memories to cherish.

How to print photos with Printiki

Printing Memories with Printiki*, Printiki, Photos, Printing, Memories, Photo Printing, Instagram Photo Printing,

The overall process was so easy and surprisingly quick too, as I've been known to spend hours ordering photos! First you choose what type of photo style you like, I went for the Retro Square M as I like to write on my photos and thought the space below would be handy. Printiki also do larger sizes, rectangular shape, photo books and posters, which would all be a lovely birthday gift.

Printing Memories with Printiki*, Printiki, Photos, Printing, Memories, Photo Printing, Instagram Photo Printing,

Next up you choose where you upload your photos from, and this is the cool bit. You can actually upload them from Instagram! Shameless plug here, but on @RhiannonBlog I post every day and love the idea of having my own physical Instagram photos to keep.

Printing Memories with Printiki*, Printiki, Photos, Printing, Memories, Photo Printing, Instagram Photo Printing,

Once you've chosen the photos, you can then change the quantity, crop or add text underneath the photos. I prefer to hand write my captions as it's much more personal!

After that you click Print on the right, choose Matte or Glossy then it's the checkout process! Don't worry, you have the chance to review all the photos before you print them and if you want to come back to them later, Printiki will save them for you. My prints came within 3 working days, which is one of the best delivery I've had for photos before and Printiki kept you up to date with their process too.

I'd definitely recommend checking out Printiki if you're a photo obsess like me! And if you need a little inspiration, their Instagram is a fab page to follow too. For my next trip to Rome in July, I'll definitely be using Printiki again to order my photos!

Have you tried Printiki before? Do you like printing photos?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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*This post is in collaboration with Printiki. All opinions and views are my own. Because honesty is the best policy. For more information, please visit my Work With Me page.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Special Jewellery Pieces

Over time I've found myself collecting pieces of jewellery which have a sentimental meaning - *touch wood* I haven't lost them yet! These are the jewellery pieces I pretty much wear every day, unless I have a particular necklace or ring I want to wear that day instead. They're the objects that hold memories, something that I will always cherish. 

Watches were never something that I was 'in to' when I was younger, I think my brother bought me a Swatch watch for my first watch and that's still going with a few new batteries! But for my 21st birthday last year, my family asked me what I wanted and all I could think of was a watch. Specifically an Olivia Burton watch because they're great quality and stand the test of time.

My sister and her husband got me the Midi Dial Rose Gold Bracelet and had 'Happy 21st Phunt' engraved on the back - Phunt is a nickname and a long store! I wear it every day and love how it goes with all of my outfits and completes my look. I don't think a day will go by without me wearing this watch for a long time! 

Pandora Heart Ring £40 (Sorry I can't find the others!)

My rings were the first pieces of jewellery that I wore religiously every day, my fingers feel naked without them! The only issue I have with rings is when the soap gets stuck in them when washing my hands, such a pain.

The first two are Pandora rings, both I received from my family for my 18th birthday. I generally stack them together as they look so lovely alongside each other, the flower one is particularly pretty. The third ring is two silver bands in one ring and my friend gifted this for my 21st birthday (can you see why all of them are so special?!) and I wear this next to my other Pandora rings. I can't remember what the brand is as I think she got it from a local store in our town!

Bracelets were never a big thing for me, but since wearing them every day they've really grown on me. The first is a silver bracelet from Tiffany's which my sister and her husband gave me as a bridesmaid present. It's such a pretty and dainty bracelet and I love how it looks on my wrist, it's quite small just because I have very small wrists.

Next up is a favourite from Oliver Bonas that another friend got me for my 21st, it has two bands: one pink with gold beads and a gold ball chain. Some people are really funny about mixing different metals together, but I wear this with my silver Tiffany bracelet and they look fab! It is getting a little tarnished now because I've worn it so much, but I'll still keep it.

Finally a necklace! Probably my least worn piece of jewellery because with wearing everything else, I don't want to look too blingy! It's a simple silver chain necklace, also looking a little worn with a few of my favourite keepsakes. The first is a gold heart ring which I think my parents bought for me when I was younger, I can just about fit it on my little finger now. Next up is a heart locket I found at a car boot sale or flea market once, I don't have a great sentimentality towards it but I do have a few photos inside. And on the end is a silver heart which I think was my Grandma's that my Mum gave to me. I like wearing all three together as the hearts tie in nicely!

What pieces of jewellery do you wear every day?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Edinburgh Guide: Things To Do, See and Eat

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse, National Museum Of Scotland, Travel, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

As planned on my Bucket List, I wanted to visit Scotland this year and Edinburgh in particular. I've never been that far north in the UK and never visited Scotland either, so it was definitely a big trip for me! We traveled on Bank Holiday Monday via an easyJet flight from Gatwick (roughly an hour) then had rest of the afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday then flew back home Thursday afternoon. I'd say 3-4 days is the perfect time to visit all the main attractions at a leisurely pace. We stayed at CityRoomz Hotel, which is more on the budget side but great value for money. It was easy to walk to places and to take the bus or tram to the airport, definitely recommend!

First onto the things to do and see in Edinburgh:

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse, National Museum Of Scotland, Travel, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

1. Arthur's Seat

If you're fairly fit and don't mind doing a bit of hiking, Arthur's Seat in a must-do! We couldn't find the start of the path, until we realised we weren't going in the right direction.... so it would be worth asking someone beforehand. It is a difficult climb, a lot of jagged stones as steps and towards the top it's uneven and you're literally using your hands to hike yourself up. But the view is definitely work it, you can see all across Edinburgh and on the other side of Scotland over the sea.

There's a smaller alternative to Arthur's Seat, Calton Hill which has an observatory tower and still great views!

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse, National Museum Of Scotland, Travel, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

2. Edinburgh Castle

Word has it J.K.Rowling took inspiration from Edinburgh Castle for Hogwarts and you can sort of see it! The castle itself is built on an extinct volcano and does look very impressive from Princes Street. I'd 100% recommend buying tickets ahead, we actually purchased ours with our bus tour tickets for the same price and skipped the queues. You do have to pay extra for an audio guide, but there are free speaking tours leaving every hour which are worth it. Again, the views from the top are amazing as are the old and ancient buildings and museums.

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse, National Museum Of Scotland, Travel, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

3. Edinburgh Zoo

Much like London Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo is a big attraction and their giant pandas are the only pandas in the UK, so they're a pretty big deal even if they don't really leave their beds! We spent an afternoon wandering through the park and seeing all the animals, including rhinos, zebras, chimpanzees, koalas and penguins. If you can try and visit when there's a feeding time or something going on, we saw the penguins go for a walk during the afternoon. It's just a short bus ride out from the town center, and I should mention that Edinburgh had some of the best and easiest public transport I've experienced on holiday!

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse, National Museum Of Scotland, Travel, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse, National Museum Of Scotland, Travel, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

4. National Museum of Scotland

This is a fun place to head to if it's a cloudy or rainy day, the National Museum of Scotland is totally free and provides hours of entertainment. We unfortunately didn't have long in the museum, but long enough to explore Natural World and Science and Technology exhibits. I was so impressed with how well thought out the museum was as you wandered from one exhibit to the next, and how interactive each area was.

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse, National Museum Of Scotland, Travel, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

5. Palace of Holyroodhouse

We couldn't not go to Edinburgh and not visit the Queen's summer holiday palace! The Palace of Holyroodhouse is near Arthur's Seat and the Scottish Parliament, so we headed here after visiting those two. We didn't booked tickets and the queue wasn't too bad on a sunny Wednesday, but it may be a good idea to book ahead. We chose to just visit the palace as we didn't have ages to spend there and not that much of an interest in the rest! An audio guide is included in the price and all you have to do is push a number for each stop for them to tell you a bit of history, you go round the palace and see the rooms Mary Queen of Scots lived in, then outside to the ruined abbey and finally round the pristine gardens.

And finally, places to eat! We had a buffet breakfast at our hotel for two mornings, ate out one morning and two evenings. Otherwise it would be picking up something to snack on to keep us going throughout the day! My friend is gluten intolerant and I found most of my recommendations from and we were so surprised that a lot of the places offered great gluten-free versions.

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, The Caffeine Drip, Mamma's Pizza, Bread Meats Bread, Eat, Food

This place came up as the best place for breakfast in Edinburgh, and it didn't disappoint. The do gluten-free bread, omelettes, french toast and a build-your-own breakfast. We chose 3 poached eggs, 2 slices of bacon, mushrooms and 2 slices of bread with a raspberry smoothie - and it definitely filled us up! It was on the pricier side for breakfast, but well worth the money. 

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, The Caffeine Drip, Mamma's Pizza, Bread Meats Bread, Eat, Food

2. Mamma's

A recommendation from and a real gem of Edinburgh. With so many pizzas to choose from and a gluten-free version, which my friend said was the best gluten-free pizza she's ever had, you are spoilt for choice. The sweet potatoe fries were also excellent and the waitress was so lovely and giving us recommendations of what to do in the city.

Things To Do, See and Eat In Edinburgh, The Caffeine Drip, Mamma's Pizza, Bread Meats Bread, Eat, Food

As if I would go to another city and not have a burger?! This was a recommendation from Hayley from Honestly Russell (who was a total angel in giving us so many recommendations!) and just around the corner from our hotel. I chose the Butter Bacon Burger with cheese, fried onions and chopped bacon and we shared sweet potatoe fries, obviously! They also do a gluten-free burger bun for my friend too and again the service was very good. 

Our next trip will be Rome in July, so if you have any recommendations there please do let me know!

Have you been to Edinburgh before?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

An Unexpected Blogging Break

I really didn't mean to not blog for over week, it just sort of happened! After coming back from Edinburgh last Thursday it was right back into work and any spare time I had, I just didn't feel like blogging. I don't think you should put pressure on yourself to blog or feel guilty for not blogging, especially when you're not in the mood as you can totally tell! This week I do plan to get a few blog posts up, definitely something about my trip to Edinburgh and maybe a fashion tips post I have been planning for a while.

Hope you're all well and I look forward to getting back into blogging!

Rhiannon x

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

This Month I...

May has definitely been my favourite month yet! I got to tick off a few of activities off my bucket list and explore new places. As this post goes live I'll be on my last day of my Edinburgh trip and then we'll be starting another new month...

This Month I... ate a new favourite afternoon tea. Brunch and afternoon tea are probably my favourite meals of the day, who doesn't like avocado and finger sandwiches with mini cakes?! This month me and my friend tried the Cutter & Squidge afternoon tea in Soho, London. We were thoroughly spoilt in their secret garden with various finger sandwiches, savoury scones and so much cake, I had to take some home.

This Month I... bought some more things from Primark! I think I should get a gold card for being such a loyal customer to Primark... I picked up a few things from various Primark stores over May and put them all together in this haul post. They're definitely upping their dress selection right now!

The Month I... read Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. I haven't quite finished it, but I'm making my way through it! Previously I didn't get the hype around this book and now having read it, I can see why it's become so popular in the beauty industry. It's my new beauty bible.

The Month I... watched Pretty Little Liars. I know it returned to TV in April, but last month was all about Line Of Duty and PLL took a little while to get exciting! It just gets crazier and crazier with each episode and there's so many theories flying about that I really want to find out who AD is...

This Month I... experienced my trip to Edinburgh! This might be a cheat as I'm coming back from Edinburgh today, but I couldn't not include it. I've been so excited for this trip for so long, from booking the tickets to planning the itinerary. I've got a few blog posts planned in for June all about my trip, so make sure you're following on Bloglovin!

How was May for you?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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