Sunday, 7 May 2017

Why It's Not All About The Numbers In Blogging

I'm going to start off this post with saying that I know I'm not one of those 'big' bloggers or even one that qualifies to go to events because I haven't got the exposure or numbers that a brand wants. But I feel like I have been blogging for long enough that I write a post on it...

Across my time of blogging, I've always come across genuine and lovely bloggers who are the ones who will give you a hand up whenever you need it. This was before social media (Twitter and Instagram mainly) became as important as the blog itself. There was no pressure to reach 'x' amount of followers on Twitter or hit 100 likes on your latest Instagram photo, but to enjoy writing and commenting on other blogs. I wasn't blogging because of the numbers but because I wanted an online diary to write about my day or share my latest (and not so good..) outfit. 

Personally, I lie the blame with social media for putting this new pressure on blogging. In some ways it has put this new pressure on bloggers to be across all social networks, constantly 'on' and hitting follower goals. On the other hand it's opened up this new possibility and audience for your blog, as well as upping the game of blogging for everyone - encouraging bloggers to become bigger and better by setting the bar higher. 

What has also changed in the blogging world is that having 10k of followers on Bloglovin doesn't necessarily mean that person will get 10k of comments on their latest post. The new buzz word is 'engagement' such as comments, likes, RTs etc. which is overruling follower counts. I prefer the new engagement metric, it's more even and fair on everyone as people can spot from a mile away when you have bots commenting on you Instagram feed. Blogs which have thousands of followers on Bloglovin but a few comments on their blogs could suggest some fishy business. Blogs with high engagement rates and comments are examples of relevant and engaging content that bloggers really enjoy and set out the examples for future blogging. 

What do you think about numbers in blogging?

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