Sunday, 21 May 2017

Why I'll Always Read Magazines and Books

Some say that in a few years time that magazines will be dead, everything will be online only and you'll read all your books on a Kindle instead. But I'll always read magazines and books because sometimes I need a break from the digital world. From my earliest memories I've always been a bookworm and having my current read next to my bed is going to be a given. 

Every so often I hear about a big magazine closing down and moving online, making the magazine selection in Wh Smiths smaller and smaller. It used to be given and common thing that you would get your paper delivered every morning from the paper boy and pick up your weekly magazine from the local newsagents. I used to love getting my Scooby Doo magazine delivered each Saturday to collect my Scooby cards, it was such an exciting thing each week! 

Then buying a new book, oh my god the smell of a new book is nothing that you can catch in a candle (but isn't that such a great idea?!) Turning the page over onto a new chapter in your character's story and discovering the rest of their story in just a few hundred pages is something you can't get on Netflix. I have a full three shelves full of my favourite books, as well as a stack on them next to it. Books are something familiar for me that I can pick up and fall into a comfortable pattern when I'm having a rough day. 

Perhaps I'm a bit resistant to turning magazines and books into something digital because they're something that's been around for so many years that it's a part of history. The experience of having your favourite monthly magazine delivered or picking up the latest book from the exciting author at the time is not the same as picking up a tablet or clicking onto the latest article. 

What's your opinion of it? Do you prefer books and magazines over digital?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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