Sunday, 9 April 2017

Staying Organised With Your Blog Whilst Working Full Time

There's no big secret or magic ingredient to staying organised with your blog whilst working full time. Some people post once a week or less and some post daily (and to those I applaud them!) whilst spending their working week at their full time job.

I work full time in London, leaving this house at 6:45am and returning at 7pm, so there's enough time in the evenings to write a blog and schedule some tweets, but that's about it. I've been doing this for almost three years now and though I would share some wisdom (debatable) with you.

1. Keep a content calendar.
I print off monthly calendars for free online, then write in my posts for them. I could be a week or two ahead at a time, but sticking to this calendar really helps to stay focused! If there's a special event coming up, like Easter or a big birthday and you'd like to do a blog post around it, schedule it into your calendar so you're ahead of the game.

2. Write everything in a notebook.
Whether it's blog posts ideas, photos to take or a new prop you've seen and want to buy, write it down! I couldn't live without my Paperchase notebook as it keeps me organised and helps me remember good (and the bad!) blog posts to put into my content calendar.

3. Use your time wisely.
Try and be productive in your time off and block off a few hours for writing, taking photographs and scheduling. I always check the weather at the weekend to see which day will have the best light and take photos then. I also use my 45 minute train journey to work each day to comment and follow some blogs, it's a good time to get some reading in and find some new people!

4. Bulk photos and schedule them.
As I mentioned before, I bulk take my photos, write my posts and schedule them in using a week ahead and this really works for me! By the end of the weekend my posts are all ready to go and I can relax during the week rather than worrying about when my next post is going to be.

5. Remember to live in the moment with your blog.
Contradicting what I said in the previous point, but your blog doesn't always have to be on schedule. If there's a timely post you want to write and post that day, then do it. There's no set way pr magic ingredient to posting on your blog and it's completely up to you how you work it.

What's your best tip for staying organised with your blog whilst working full time?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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