Sunday, 23 April 2017

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

Social media is a funny old thing. It's constantly evolving faster than any of us expected and we all want more and more of it. Remember Bebo, MySpace and MSN Messenger? Around 10 years ago these were the bees knees and I couldn't wait to get home from school to speak to my friends, whom I had spent all day with...

Snapchat has been the exciting and new social networking app since it launched in September 2011 (only gaining momentum in late 2012), with its crazy cute filters and ability to send snaps that disappear within a few seconds. It was ingenious and addictive. Then Instagram added its own Stories in August 2016 and changed the whole game.

I never really 'got' Snapchat and used it only for my pure amusement with the filters. I found Snapchat hard to find and add people and besides sending snaps, there wasn't much to it. Some influencers have done really well with their followings and get thousands upon thousands of views per snap.

What Instagram has done is built upon the basis of Snapchat (sending snaps which last a few seconds and posting 24-hour-only stories) and improved upon it. Found it hard to find other people? Instagram has all of the people you follow right there. Want to link brands directly? You can @ brands in your stories. You can save your snaps, add cute stickers, locations and times, plus you're exposed to a large audience that already follows and are engaged with you on Instagram.

You can tell which one I'm a fan of can't you? In the 25 weeks after Instagram Stories launched it reached 150 million daily users, whereas Snapchat only reached 110 million daily users in June 2016 and hasn't announced any higher figures since. In fact the views and engagement rates for Snapchat have been decreasing, whilst many Snapchat users have said they will delete the app because of Instagram stories. Stats on this article.

Facebook have also launched their own version of Stories, not surprising since it owns Instagram too. It's a similar concept but not one I am yet to try yet. For me, Facebook has a totally different purpose than Instagram has and the idea just doesn't work. I look on Facebook to say Happy Birthday to my auntie and like my friend's latest baby girl photo, not share my outfit or how much Easter egg chocolate I have eaten. That's for my Instagram followers only because they're engaged in those types of posts and it just fits in. 

What are your thoughts on Snapchat vs Instagram Stories? Which is your favourite?

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