Sunday, 2 April 2017

5 Things We Wish Were Real From Harry Potter

I'm a big Harry Potter fan. Not like I know  it word by word, but I've read the books more than once (okay, probably like 10 times) and watched the films so many times, it's known for me to have Harry Potter film days or weeks.

With that in mind, I've always wondered what it would've been like if it was true (tbh you don't know if it isn't as a Muggle... haha jokes) and the things I wish were real from Harry Potter.


Flying cars
Imagine your commute in the morning if you could just fly there?! I would get there so much quicker and avoid having to take my ever-delayed trains! The only thing I could imagine being a problem is the air traffic...


The Accio charm
Finding your keys to your flying car would be so much easier with the Accio Charm, as well as reaching your phone when it's lost in a sea of duvet and cushions.

I've got a real sweet tooth and Honeydukes is right up my alley! Imagine if instead of your local newsagents selling over-priced sweets, Honeydukes would have Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bots Every Flavoured Jelly Beans... 


The Magical Creatures
A half horse and half eagel would definitely be on my Christmas list! I love the idea of creatures and wizards working together - and to have an elf like Dobby to look out for you is pretty special.


Hogwarts School
Compare my secondary school to Hogwarts and I know which one I would rather pick! Time away from home and parents to play wizard and witch all day long sounds pretty fun to me.

What do you wish was real from Harry Potter? What's your favourite book?

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