Sunday, 19 March 2017

Your New Week Motivation

I didn't really have a post planned for today and thought I'd just write about whatever came to me first! The thing about Sunday evenings, is that you know Monday is just around the corner and sometimes that thought can make you wish it was Saturday all over again.

For me, Mondays aren't so bad. It signals the start of a new week and an opportunity to hit the refresh button. And starting the week off the right way is so important! Once I get my working week off to a good start, I know the rest of the week is going to be great. This could be waking up a few minutes earlier, so I'm not rushing around trying to get ready to leave for work. Or it can even start the night before with a proper routine of a beauty regime, followed by reading a book snuggled in bed.

My point is, Monday and a new week really doesn't have to be something that fills you with dread each Sunday evening. Start with your Sunday evening and do something relaxing, whether that's a Lush filled bath, taking your best book to bed with you or watching one of your favourite TV programmes. Then plan something to look forward to on Monday, like dinner out with friends, a new fitness class you've always wanted to try or buying a cheeky cookie or cake on your break just because!

What's your best tip for motivating you for the new week?

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