Thursday, 30 March 2017

This Month I...

March was another great month - I'm kinda feeling like a broken record saying this each month! Of course there was a few days when I was in the grumpiest mood ever and had enough of everything, but March is definitely ending on a high.

This Month I... ate lots of sushi! If I had a choice of my last meal on earth, it would definitely be sushi and preferably this particular bento box from Eat Tokyo. I was searching for a new sushi place for me and my brother last week and TripAdvisor recommended Eat Tokyo. They have a few branches in London, the Soho one being the closest for me - but definitely book if you're planning to go!

This Month I... bought a new summer things from Missguided. Although it's not my usual shop, after seeing Scarlett London showing off her new shoes on Instagram Stories, I had to snap up a pair! I bought this dress, which I featured in this OOTD post, and this pair of Valentino-esque sandals which I'm so looking forward to wearing.

This Month I... read a lot of blogger posts! There's nothing book-wise that is really rocking my boat at the moment, but I've been reading a lot of blogs on my commute. Bloggers to read are: From Roses, The Makeup Directory, Britton Loves and Hello Jordan to name a few!

This Month I... watched Beauty & The Beast. Classic film this month and I definitely wasn't disappoointed by what I saw! I'd probably give it a 9/10 because it stayed true to the original and the cast was very well matched. Some points were a little scary, but my favourite scene is when they have a snowball fight - #couplegoals.

This Month I... laughed at Russell Howard and got new cats! At the beginning of the month, my dad and I went to see Russell Howard at the Royal Albert Hall. Not only was the venue amazing, but Russell Howard was on point as usual. Finally we adopted two cats from the Cats Protection about a week ago, they're called Cleo and Indie and are still a little nervous but settling in well. Keep an eye out for them on my Instagram Stories!

How was March for you? 

Thanks for reading!
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