Thursday, 23 March 2017

OOTD: A simple work outfit and a throwback chat

I want you to cast your minds back to 2013, the days when I first started getting into my blog and posting daily outfits. Each day coming back from sixth form, I would prop my camera up against my dressing table or, in my advanced stages, take a photo in front of the mirror. Then I would chat about my day as I would to my mum or sister and probably mention little about the outfit. 

Nowadays the big fashion bloggers have professional photographers following them, tripods and fancy camera equipment. It's a whole new world out there! I knew I was never going to make it as a fashion blogger, which is probably a good thing as I'm not the best at it. And as my blog wound its way into fashion/lifestyle/beauty, the daily outfits got pushed out and now a weekly Thursday OOTD gets posted instead. I like the way my blog has evolved, it's natural to me that I talk about beauty and planning my lifestyle and advice posts are probably my favourite posts to schedule now!

See how I haven't even mentioned my above outfit?! This is simply my go-to work outfit, nothing fancy or special but it does the job. I live in my M&S Super Skinny Jeans, they're basically like a second skin to me now and I love how they fit around me. It would be a lie to say this top and cardigan weren't previously my sisters and now probably so old you won't believe! 

Do you post daily or weekly outfits? What was your blogging style when you first started out?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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