Sunday, 12 March 2017

Instagram: Pancakes, Certificates and Feeling Happy

It's been a while since I've done a mid-month catch up, so it's about due! The previous week has been crazy with work and social - and next week isn't letting up either... Make sure you're following on Instagram and watching my Insta Stories too!

So we ended February with Pancake Day! We were having a discussion at work about what's your pancake topping and mine always has to be sweet - especially with Nutella spread and fried banana. Although my pancake flipping skills are awful compared to everyone else on Instagram...

Last weekend I finally got to see my favourite comedian, Russell Howard and he was everything I could imagine! I've watched him on Mock The Week as well as his own show, Russell Howard's Good News and the thing I like about him best is that he always talks about things that matter to me. He had a long talk about the NHS, Donald Trump and the rise of young people self harming, including his hilarious family anecdotes. Definitely give his programs and videos a watch!

When it's sunny in London, I always take advantage of my lunch breaks and walk to somewhere new. The Seven Dials is one of my favourite places to wander round at the moment, they've got such quaint and Instagrammable shop fronts! I'll normally end up in Neal's Yard too, then onto Covent Garden for shopping obvs...

Something very exciting landed in my inbox last week - my certificate for my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing! Seeing that next to my name has made it all the more real and I'm super proud to have that to add to my CV. Just proof that all the hard work really does pay off.

Some people find taking and posting selfies on Instagram a bit weird, but I've steadily grown to like them. If I really like my makeup or hair that day or just want to give myself a confidence boost, then I'll take a few pictures. It's not like I've got mountains of them, but if you're feeling happy and good about yourself then taking a photo memory of it isn't that bad!

What's been your highlight this week?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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