Sunday, 5 March 2017

5 Tips From Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

Rather that doing another book review, I thought it would be much more useful to share my favourite tips from Capture Your Style by Aimee Song. If you haven't heard of this book by now (it's been doing the blogger rounds!) it's a book all about transforming your Instagram photos and building your platform - the ultimate guide for any blogger struggling with the annoying algorithm!

1. Use geo tags to see other posts and get creative
If you don't follow Song Of Style, Aimee's Instagram already then I recommend you do. Whenever Aimee goes travelling to tourist areas, she looks at the geo-tag from that area and scrolls through to see what angles and positions those photos are taken from. Then she'll pick a different spot from those to make it more interesting! I like this idea as it'll get you thinking creatively and make it more likeable too.

2. Practice practice practice to find your style!
If you're Instagram is full of flatlays, practice until you find your style and go with it - but don't be afraid to mix it up, there's no set rules! One New Yorker I follow on Instagram has an amazing shoe collection and takes daily photos of her shoe of the day in the same way. Consistency and content is key.

3. Post at least once a day, if not more
Aimee wrote her book before Instagram Stories came out, but she recommends posting an Instagram at least once a day if not more. I personally can only post once a day as that's all I have time for, but regularly upload to my Stories to keep my profile looking fresh and relevant. Also choose times when you know people will be on Instagram e.g. early morning or late at night, but not when everyone is asleep!

4. Interact with the community
Instagram is nothing without people liking, commenting, sharing and uploading. It's easy to get into the habit of 'scroll and like' - I'm totally guilty of this on lazy days, but break it up with a comment or two. Tag people in who you think will enjoy this post or ask a question and start a conversation. You'll see the return soon enough!

5. Maintain an authentic feed
We all get that Instagram is showing the best representation of yourself, I've been there with taking more than one selfie to find the perfect angle. But maintaining an authentic feed is the most important thing for long term branding success. Think why people follow you and if you aren't staying true to yourself with your photos, will they really hang around for too long?

As we're talking about Instagram, it's time to plug my own feed! You can find me on @rhiannonblog on Instagram and Twitter, where I update daily and am always sharing a Story or two.

You can pick up Capture Your Style by Aimee Song for £8.39 on Amazon or £11.99 from Waterstones. 

Have you read this book before? What's your best tips for Instagram?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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