Sunday, 26 February 2017

Why You Should Learn To Love Yourself More

Signing off the month of love with a post about loving yourself seemed appropriate. Learning to love yourself is a lesson we could all learn now and again and something that I've been thinking about for a long time now.

I've always preached the saying "don't work to live but live to work" - and it's one I strongly believe in. There's a much bigger focus on mindfulness and finding happiness over success and I agree with that. Working hard to achieve your goals and learning to love yourself do and can work together. I wrote all about finding my mindfulness last month - definitely worth a read!

With social media comparison, it's so easy to beat yourself up about not being good enough, not having an amazing amount of followers or just general FOMO. I'm sure we've all been there on a Saturday night scrolling through Instagram post after post of everyone going out, whilst chilling in our pjammas with a box of chocolates and a Netflix TV show on repeat.

So why should you learn to love yourself more? Simply because you are so unique, there's not another person like you on this Earth. Also because you're pretty awesome and sometimes you really do need to hear that. Learning to love yourself could just be taking a long bath, spending your lunch break in a sunny spot in the park or treating yourself to that new lipstick.

What are your tips for loving yourself more?

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